3DFX Maxi Gamer Phoenix PCI

Started by BaldiGit, 07 October 2023, 21:29:52

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Can someone guide me in the installation and testing of the PCI maxi Gamer banshee?
I have a Fujitsu Siemens D1064 motherboard, with a Pentium 2 400MHz and 198Mb of RAM. Plus a PCI SoundBlaster card. I have done a fresh install of Windows 2000 Pro and installed the Guillemot driver, which is telling me I have BIOS version 1.00.10 installed. There are no exclamation marks in Device Manager and all drivers are present. And the Maxi Gamer utility thinks the card is there.
I have installed Deux Ex which recognises the Banshee and tries to use 3DFX drivers. But get an error of "HWCEXT not implemented". I have also tried Quake2 + 3DFX patch and that crashes out. But I can't access the initial error message. But the game reports "Server was Killed". Probably caused by me trying to get out of a grey screen.

Personally I think the accelerator part of the card isn't working. But I'm not sure if its something software I'm not doing, Or a hardware issue. Any advice would be most welcome. 


Hi BaldiGit,

thanks for question.

My suggestion is to use Windows 98 (SE) and official graphics driver 3dfx Banshee Driver 1.04.00 for your Voodoo card.

In this way, you can minimize potential compatility issues at software level.

Please let me know.