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Started by Zebrass, 11 April 2021, 14:03:15

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I've gotten myself a 16MB PCI Creative Banshee card.
I had an idea to build a period appropriate gaming PC from an early 00's client pc which has one PCI slot. When I plug in the Banshee card, the computer refuses to boot and the motherboard beeper goes off with with a few short beeps and one long, then just repeats continuously.
Tried the card in another PC and it works fine.
On the client PC it says 110-240V 0.7A. I figure may be there isn't enough power to boot the machine with the card in it. Haven't measured myself, but from what I can gather it should have a draw of about 30w.

Anyone care to share any thoughts on this? Or if it could be something else perhaps.


Hi Zebrass,

you're welcome. I just have move this thread into the right Banshee forum.

About your question, the issue could be related also to defective RAM memory.

So. the question could be: are you sure that same system is capable to work using another graphics card?

Bye bye