Amigamerlin 3.1 R10 coming soon

Started by Glide, 04 May 2005, 15:42:03

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Is it possible to get a new package for the Voodoo 3 ? since SFFT wrote the core, "only" the package is needeed ;)

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I think the biggest performance gain would come from forcable texturcompression. WickedGL includes this feature and so its dll is far the fastest solution (but with poor compatibility)

So why does'nt amigamerlin (or sfft) add this feature into their drivers? Is it difficult to implement it? If yes, why?


Is it the reason that my last post was too dumb for getting no answer, or was it too intelligent? :)


..I would say the first me,they know what they are doing-to make the driver as fast as possible..


Ok, maybe the post was capable of being misunderstood...

I really appreciate the work of our driverwriters. They do great work, and help with their tireless efforts to keep 3dfx cards alive. And so I'm concious about the fact, that they thought about forceable texturcompression long before i did.

It only was my interest to get information about the state of this idea. [:(]


When the Amigamerlin 3.1 R10 Release ?:D


It will be on line within few days.

Bye bye


QuoteIt will be on line within few days.

:D [8D]


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This delay will be useful for yours systems: just we are working for you. Thanks for patience.



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wow....good job

hehe downloading... let me try ^_^ thanks


Just installed (with self compiled dxtn.dll of course) :D
I'm looking forward how to test these new features?

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just downloaded 3dmark2001se and tested with dxtn. Wow! I got 1600 3dmarks instead of 1200 (1024x768@32bit). Also texture quality is outrageous!
I uploaded image quality test results on my site, so you can see how big the difference is.

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