Voodoo2, Direct3D and XP

Started by sleep, 23 January 2004, 00:48:36

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So am I to understand that Direct3D support isn't possible with a Voodoo2 on XP? I'm trying to set up a computer for my son with some older stuff I have sitting around. Everything is up and running ok, but I have no Direct3D. If it's a no go on XP, I will install 98se instead I guess if that'll give me D3D.



You are correct.  There is no Direct3D support for a Voodoo2 on XP.  It's all Microsoft's fault!

I multi-boot Windows 98 and XP (amongst others).  98SE is still fully as good an operating system for games as XP.  It is actually better for many older games too.  This will change in time as support for 98 declines.  But for a gaming system with Voodoo2s installed you can't do better than 98SE anyway!


QuoteIf it's a no go on XP
same for NT4, Win2k

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