Started by kekit, 04 January 2005, 01:48:10

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WEll now I have yours it will be no problem.
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It dont work,(
i have i810 and creative voodoo2 12mb, i copied opengl32.dll(mesa) to gta dir, and made shortcup "gta.exe -opengl", but it starts i810 in D3D


It would have been useless anyway, the V2 SLI is too slow in D3D.
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i try warcraft III.exe -opengl, and it works


Heh i've a GTA3 problem with my banshee, refuses to run, complains I need 12mb of vid mem

BUT I HAVE 16 :(

p2 233, 192mb ram, gta3 1.1, Evolution banshee drivers (doesn't say any ver), Win2kpro.


Reduce the size of your desktop, I have seen this problem with a 16 Meg V3 with GTA3, it loads in a 640 * 480 pixel destop resolution.



Thanks alot! (I never thought i'd be thanking a furry)

now it just freezes completely after a moment, but it's a step forward. and no, GTA3 never had an opengl renderer at all, so all this -opengl is false.

man, there needs to be a faq wiki with these things, google was quite crap for me in solving this issue


i have the same problem, but lowering the creen resolution not you have another idea???

(i have v2 sli (2x8mb ram), s3 virge 4mb ram, athlon xp 1600+, gigabyte ga-7vrx, 256ddr333...)


Imho, when i tried GTA3 VC (with a V3), it needeed really 16 mo to start (the only solution was to low the desktop to 640*480) then with a Voodoo 3 (and under Win9x), the game ran only with an Intel Cpu (and the first driver for DirX 6 - 1.03 -)


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maybe the problrm is this: I can't add -opengl to shortcut, I always get message "........./gta3.exe -opengl" doesn't exist....why i get that message....


My V3 allways froze GTA3 after 10 sec, with or without the "...-opengl" thing, nomatter what[xx(]


LOL its bullsh*t ~~ There is no such thing as OpenGL in Vice City...
Quotemaybe the problrm is this: I can't add -opengl to shortcut, I always get message "........./gta3.exe -opengl" doesn't exist....why i get that message....
man... if you have a shortcut you dont add the parameter inside " " you have to add them after " "
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voodoo3 3k, win98se, P3-700, 512mb here.. (and amigamerlin and mesa and blah blah..)

GTA3 freezes, GTA-VC tells i need 32mb of memory.. i have tryed creating a bat file with that -opengl command, but nothing changes..


How did you get GTA3 to run? I have STB Voodoo 2 SLI with fastvoodoo drivers. Added MesaFX opengl32.dll to gta3 folder and added a .bat file with "gta3.exe -opengl" and still I get 12mb error.
Dxdiag shows 16 mb on graphics 2. all the other games too.
It's GTA3 1.0, do I need to get an updated version of gta to run opengl?