3dfx latest reference drivers at voodoofiles.com

Started by PanoramixDruida, 08 October 2004, 00:03:22

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Does anyone know what's going on at http://www.voodoofiles.com with the latest 3dfx reference drivers?. All the links are dead, and are lot of new files as "official drivers" that seems **** to me. [?]


This is not new : this is like that since... many months now.

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okay, this is a bit old, but this is my first time here in a little while. yes, the drivers on voodoofiles.com are old, and most links are dead. This is due to the webmaster's lack of concern for the site, and bandwidth theft (search for "Amigamerlin 3.0 XP", and then click the last download link. Patience should know what I'm looking at ;) ). So, until we can convince the webmaster to either fix it or let us, they will continue to be outdated, non-working, and filled with other crap completely unrelated to 3dfx.
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the link to voodoofiles should be taken away from 3dfx.com.
Falconfly is a much better alternative|!!!!!!
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Looks like someone HACKED voodoofiles.com
Look at the Original 3Dfx file section and you will see what I mean.

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