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Started by Grand Admiral Thrawn, 26 November 2007, 09:48:31

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Grand Admiral Thrawn


Ok, right to the topic: ;)

I guess, SFFT driver development is being documented, just as any major software project.

Would it be possible to post release notes for every new alpha release? It would make the driver testing process a lot easier, 'cause then you really know what to look for. Otherwise, a tester gotta test his whole array of games every time and check for old and new bugs, which is rather not optimal.

So, Release Notes documenting any bugfixes or new features publically would make things a lot easier, and may even speed up development due to faster and more precise feedback.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi

I agree release notes should be seen as a must, since then you know what has been fixed and what is still creating a problem.

This is one of the reasons I avoided using SFFT drivers since there are no release notes, since what is the point of using a newer driver without info on what is fixed in it, there isn't any.

I hope that SFFT adds some release notes to his later drivers, it would seem alot easier for use 3dfx gamers, testers users what you may call it hehe. [8D]
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SFFT if you read this:

QuoteOrininal from
About What's New

The usual software life cycle involves the "what's new" notes at release time. But this step follows both code developing and user  testing steps. Now, when this SFFT alpha driver is pubblished, we are after code developing and before testing so requested release notes cannot be ready at this time. We can post programming informations only but those are not useful for most of Voodoo users. So there aren't "what's new" notes here.  

Even if the most Voodoo users cannot use them, for us (the driver tester) it's a great improovement to have such relase notes or changelogs.

Hope you 'll attach them at least with the next release. And remember, if you attach the release notes/changelog (what ever you call them), the downloads will be much higher as Obi-Wan Kenobi mentioned it and we'll be in the position to give you much better test reports of the driver and we all agree that this is the most important thing.


yes, that would be really good

for example, with alpha52, i dunno if i need to test HL2 again, the sshots i've upload, if they are fixed with this new release or not....

also, BETA stage sounds cool nowadays, it's a very very stable alpha 50, 51 and 52

thanks anyway, we really apreciate your hard work :)!


i'm gab / ggab :D

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I subscribe to this wish.
A "What's Mew" descriprion, could be very useful.
The Feedback from the testers will be better.

Thanks SFFT for your understanding.
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Let's try to post (small) release notes useful for skilled testers and not for end users. So you can read about which files were changed (and so about which driver interface for Direct3D or Glide or both were changed) but not about games response. At this time final tests are in charge of you: please remember you are alpha testers so a part of change log can be written by you using the official SFFT topic (on line at of course).



has anyone had any luck running C&C 3 with 3d Analyzer ver 2.34
I have a Radeon IGP 345M
any reply would be appreciated.


friend, this thread is for a 3dfx voodoo driver (suggestion), not ATI...

just wait a few days a reply at your another created topic:

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Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Kane Edition ( )


To ggab:

Thank you a lot for reply ;)

To All:

So, please choose the right forum to require help and support as well as to talk about hardware or software topics. Tnx in advance.

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