got problem flashing Voodoo3 back to PC from Mac

Started by alexbe, 01 April 2012, 00:04:53

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Hi. I got Voodoo3 3000 PCI. It was flashed to Mac by previous owner.
Card looks exactly like this one

Card works under windows 2000 as second display, but of course cannot boot as primary computer graphics.

I downloaded original flash utility and BIOS file suitable for card (SGRAM version).

While trying to flash, program says: unknown EEPROM type, manufacturer code 00, card code 00. and flashing fails.

Could anyone help me please?

Update. After being initialized by windows 2000 (and warm reset to reboot, not cold), same message, but codes reported are 7Fh, FFh.


Hi alexbe,

I moved your topic in this forum that's related to discussions for setup and tweaking of 3dfx Voodoo3 video cards.

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