Quantum 3D AAlchemy driver needed

Started by Hiero, 29 May 2008, 12:26:48

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Since some wholesellers on ebay sold AAlchemys more and more 3dfx guys get one. Unfortunately there is only the original Q3D Driver which doesn't bring features as the Amigamerlin does for the 6000.
The AAlchemy is the fastest 3dfx card - at least in theory and with a good driver it could show its advantage. FSAA with no impact on performance, 64MB per chip etc.. maybe even 16x FSAA
Is it possible to include AAlchemy support in the Amigamerlin or any other driver?
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It would be a great idea. Actually under Windows 2k the driver only has Glide3x.dll and OpenGL support but with few compatibility. Even many games (glide3x.dll) can't be launched for the AAlchemy 8164.



I think Aalchemy support would be great, but very difficult to realize. We dont know if Amigamerlin is even working on drivers at all any longer.

Amiga, any plans for a new release some day? AmigaMerlin 4.0 [8D]


nice idea

like osckhar say, the original driver is not very good
with Glide3 and maybe D3D support we can use this cards like a V56k

my baby:D


some news:
AAlchemy is indeed very similar to the Voodoo5. 2 chips the V5 don't use need to be started by the driver but according to hank it's not mandatory to have the code, it could be done in another way.
So the card really belongs to the Voodoo4/5 family which means a single AAlchemy could do 16x FSAA, a SLI Board even 32x, adjustable like 4x fsaa on voodoo5 5500 trough 3dfx tools.
would be interesting to hear SFFT's opinion on this.
< We`ll change the face of 3D graphics... again > 3dfx