New guy needs a bit of advice.

Started by AvatarFACE, 27 September 2010, 05:34:50

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Hi, I just stumbled upon your forum and I think you may be the people to ask.

I am beginning to build a 2000's era gaming pc with a voodoo graphics card. I am looking to play ultima IX ascention specifically, on my local auction site I have available a Power Color 3Dfx Voodoo3 Evilking 3 and also a Evilking 4, I know ultima IX was designed to use the voodoo3 card but the voodoo4 card would be more powerful? I was also wondering what sort of CPU motherboard combo I should keep an eye out for I was quite young around the 2000's so I cannot remember what mobos and CPU's were good. I welcome any suggestions.


If I get the voodoo4 card then I can use an old P4P800 deluxe i have lying around but then the processor speed will be too high as it has a 3.0Ghz P4 in it, would it matter if the CPU is this fast? The slowest P4 I can find is 1.6Ghz and would that be too fast, do you think around 600-800Mhz would be a good processor speed? maybe a pentumm 3? or would an AMD procesor be better? If that is the case I would need to find another motherboard CPU combo, which I dont mind doing I just dont know much about pre P4 systems.


For 2000-era machines I don't think processor speed is really an issue. I have been using an AMD2100+ for a long time now for the same purpose and never had any problems with those kind of games. For DOS games its another story but I think you will be ok with a 3GHz processor and Voodoo 4.


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.