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Started by 3dfxFanatic, 16 November 2003, 13:39:35

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why v2 doesnt have d3d support under 2000/xp?


Because Microsoft chose not to support add-in 3D accelerators on the NT kernel and its successors.  Since Microsoft owns Direct3D they get to make the choice.  It's very annoying since you can see how easily the cards can be made to run glide and OpenGL games under Windows 2000 and XP.  It would have been easy for Microsoft to have allowed such support.  But they're... very... annoying. ;)




but the 3dfx Voodoo2 1000 V1.00.00b exists

This distribution contains Voodoo2 beta drivers and control panel for Windows 2000. The DirectX portion of the drivers supports DirectX 7.0.

NOTE: This beta driver does not include Glide or OpenGL support


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so why didnt you guys here added d3d support in fv2?


Adding Direct3D support is very hard to do...so we try to get it but Windows NT/2000/XP environments lack of some features required by Voodoo2 to run proprerly with Direc3D API.

For now i suggest to use TnL primary card for D3D and Voodoo2 for GLide/OpenGL supported games [^]


well, on this machine the primary card is ATi rage lt pro, and it has the worst d3d ever! :(


With out a doubt i have to agree with you on that one.  i had one of those cards for a short time and could not get crap to work on it.  i was even part of a beta test program for some 3rd party drivers hosted at rage3d, and while the drivers did make some improvements, clever programming could not make up for a crappy card.


glide, are you saying there's a possibility that one day you may have d3d support?


No. I don't like promise great things and then disappoint people. I only say that i will work for D3D support but
QuoteAdding Direct3D support is very hard to do...
as you can read above.