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Started by Kokohemmo, 25 December 2004, 00:55:58

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Is there some way to monitoring the Voodoo4 or 5 fans ? In Voodoo 4 and 5 the fans have 3 wires... In now a days Nvidia and Ati have the third wire for monitoring..So does anyone have a program or does anyone know why 3dfx use three wire fans without monitor ?

This just came my mind, because one of my fans didn't run after I tight those screws and nearly burn the chip...



I guess the third wire isn't connected anywhere on voodoo card. Monitoring is possible using external sensor - connect third wire to some sensor (for example to some fan connector on mainboard) and you should see results ;)
Actually i suggest you to replace original heatsing with bigger one, for example make one from old heatsink for first pentiums or buy some specially built for vga cooling.

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