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Started by azmeer, 19 March 2003, 05:27:48

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I have a VooDoo Rush card running on Pentium 166, Windows ME, 64MB ram. When I try to run the sample 3D demos I don't get smooth images, (sample image attached). Any help is appriciated.

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what 3D demos ?
what drivers are you using ?


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get a new graphics card off ebay...


Just out of curiosity, what graphics card are *YOU* using? You seem to keep telling ppl to buy new cards. [:(!]
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yes mrpez67, This is the second post that I read with the same answers at people asking support /help. [}:)]
what card are you using? ... if someone come in this forum asking for help, your response is not the help that the people need, dont you?

In this place all think voodoo ... if you aren't a voodoo user this is not the right place for you, simple and plain.

I hope you understand !!!

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Hmm, this looks like the TexelFX processor is blown (sort of). I don't think that's a driver bug or something, especially since you are using Win98, and - i guess - original 3dfx drivers. Does this error occur in ALL applications? (Try OpenGL, D3D, Glide and several games...). If nothing changes try the card in another system. That's all i can possibly think of. - Hard : Overclock!  Professionality   ...even overclocked!