MAJOR Voodoo² Bug!

Started by Grand Admiral Thrawn, 10 December 2003, 15:23:44

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Grand Admiral Thrawn


I'll start right away:
"Memmap returned an error trying to map memory!"

I guess, some Voodoo²(SLI) users know that line all too well, and so do i. I encountered the bug when plugging my Quantum3D Obsidian2 X-24 into my P4 Box (Abit TH7-II RAID, 256MB RDRAM, 1.6A), and it's not limited to that card! I also tried a single 12MB Monster3D II. The symptoms may vary depending on what driver you use, but there is one symptom, that always shows up: Glide and OGL will not initialize regularily or at all!

I searched the web and found evidence, that Voodoo² cards generally just have some MAJOR problems with more modern systems. The card just won't initialize, but it will, however, be listed in the device manager without problems. There are two threads in here, that describe the same problem.

I found out, that the card would initialize every 50-80 tries, and if it DOES, everything runs fine (Diablo II, UT,...). The instability could also be linked to system speed, but i can't confirm that yet.

I would suggest to take a look into this matter and try to fix the problem in an upcoming FastVoodoo2 driver release, if this can be resolved by a software-side approach. Because the current drivers seem not to address this bug, and it's clearly a major one. The issue seems to be limited to NT5x operating systems by the way, so it does not show up in Win95/B/C or Win98/SE.

If you decide to do something about this issue, your effort would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks. - Hard : Overclock!  Professionality   ...even overclocked!


Hi Admiral,

have you encountered that problem in different motherboards ?
Just to make sure its not a vendor specific bug...


Tnx for useful posting :),

we are working to fix this issue or at least reduce it with next FastVoodoo2 release for Win2k/XP environments.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

So you already knew about it? I would really love it, if i could actually use my X-24 again, so that it's not built in for "cosmetic" reasons only. ;)


Update: Tried it on an Asus P4T533 too. Same error. - Hard : Overclock!  Professionality   ...even overclocked!


QuoteMemmap returned an error trying to map memory

Even in the past, this error was unluckily known and indeed very often under NT4/Win2k
Sometimes, people installed older drivers

In-ter-ac-tive :
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My Quantum3d obsidian2 X-24 works like a champ.  My system is a ASUS A7A266 with a AMD Athlon 1.0Ghz  512DDR rams FSB @ 266.  I have a ATI RADEON 9100 Cat 3.10.  Windows XP Pro with DX9.0b and SP1

I ran the Fast Voodoo 4.0 Gold.  I did not really like those drivers although it installed great.  The Glide2x.dll doesnt not work right for games that use Glide2x.dll.  It seems that that files just translates to Glide3x.dll?  Why is that? It ruins the game play for games like Red Baron 3d. It doesnt run well at all texture errors and all.   I use the orignial 3dfx Refrance drivers for windows NT and then use the last quantum Glide2x.dll that they released.  It works, an awesome 60FPS to 100FPS in Red Baron3d.
Also when I installed the Fast Voodoo 4.0 Gold horzital lines apeared when i was in 3dfx mode in resolutions of 640x480 and 800x600 but 1024x768 was fine.  I dont quite understand if anybody knows let me know.  
 So I dont use Fast Voodoo 4.0 Gold
Anyways Just thought I'd let you know your Quantum3d X-24 can fly under WinXP


Grand Admiral Thrawn

Hmm, my Monster3D II now works, but the X-24 doesn't. It seems as if the X-24 has got some really special problems that do not appear with normal Voodoo² boards. The card won't initialize, black screen.

Now tried on an Asus P4C800 too. That makes three tested mainboards (TH7-II, P4T533, P4C800) and two operating systems (2000 Pro, XP Pro). Amigamerlin already asked me to sell one of X-24's, but I've got only one working card left. I would have spent one, if there would be any left. Maybe somebody has one to spare for Amiga? They are quite rare on ebay... - Hard : Overclock!  Professionality   ...even overclocked!


Too bad that Q3D don't support the card anymore. After all they're still in business, unlike 3dfx. But then again they meanwhile play on an entirely different playground.

Grand Admiral Thrawn

I once DID ask Quantum3D about the problem, and they tried to help me. As it became clear, that drivers would obviously need a lot of additional work to run properly under Win2000/XP, they just told me to try NT4 drivers and 3rd party drivers (which i already had tried of course), because they cannot afford to invest time in Voodoo² driver development anymore, which i DO fully understand.

Well, at least they did respond to my request. - Hard : Overclock!  Professionality   ...even overclocked!


I've got a different story to tell.

I upgraded my system last October but usually boot Windows 98lite for gaming.  I did have Windows XP installed on one partition in my last system (P3 600 + 256MB PC100) and used "Anthony's" (NTCompatible's) Voodoo2 drivers.  But, with my new system (P4 2.4 + 512MB 800FSB), these caused XP to become completely unstable and unusable.

FastVoodoo2 4.0 XP GE works perfectly however! :D

I'm not running an X-24 here but, instead, I am using Quantum3D's 200SBi which is the longer single card version.  My motherboard is an Intel D875PBZ.

Obviously it is no simple matter getting a driver to work under different hardware conditions.  I'm sorry other people are having trouble and hope that the driver team manage to fix things for them.  But for myself I'd like to say thanks to Glide and everyone who's making the FastVoodoo series possible. [8D]


To: Grand Admiral Thrawn

I've made some attempts to fix the mapmem errors, if you can spare some time for tests, drop me an email.

- KoolSmoky

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Of course! My X-24 is at your command. ;) - Hard : Overclock!  Professionality   ...even overclocked!


Thanks, Thrawn. Could you please send an email to koolsmoky 'at' 3dfxzone 'dot' it ?


Grand Admiral Thrawn

I already replied to your email, didn't you receive it?

Edit @ Koolsmoky: Obviously not, so I'll post that here two (second email on the way, hopefully it reaches you this time!).

[Testing with several machines]
"I got several PC's here. Of course, only one with an Obsidian2 X-24. It's no
problem for me to use 2 systems for the testing procedure. I hope this time, my
email reaches you. Just in case, I'll post that on the boards too." - Hard : Overclock!  Professionality   ...even overclocked!