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Started by SuperFurryFurryThing, 10 November 2005, 18:31:11

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Perhaps we could generate an SFFT / AmigerMerlin game compatibility page on the site. if we could separate out the D3D and OpenGL and Glide sections, that way we could list compatibility with different version of OpenGl. I am suggesting a fixed page on the site not a topic on the noiceboard as topics rapidly beome to big to view easily.



I'm keeping the 3dfx game guide updated,almost all games that benefit from your driver are listed,see for yourself,the link is in my sig..as for glide/opengl,maybe you should consider including the last glide3x (that 420kb one that is included in the last full mesafx package,it was fixed by dborca and koolsmoky),and removing the glide2x to glide3x wrapper (the last glide2x from the latest win2000 driver should do nicely),many glide2x based games have problems or dont run at all when using the wrapper..

generally,the driver simply rules.the compatibility is great,and its fast as hell too (completed halo demo o a voodoo4 pci without too much hassle).the only real problem seems to be final fantasy 7 (problems with alpha textures?)


The problem is that some of the information on the page is not really sufficient for what I wanted, it contains in some cases information on runing a game that is simply not appropraite when running on the SFFT core, although I apreciate that it may be required for other drivers. There are also a number of games that run that are missing from your list. Basically the approach is too generalised for what I want, I want a list that shows what runs on the SFFT core, and what runs with problems, only in a rather simpler form than the forum that we currently have, It would help me identify problem areas. We also need a mechanism for updating the list. I would suggest a forum topic so that we can add new games etc. I presume that the mechanism for updating could feed into you game list aswell.



Yes a Game Compatibility list should be aprecciated, not only for SFFT / Amigamerlin, but for FastVoodoo, LegendGrafix VoodooMage2 and other drivers.


ok,I see.I will extract the relevant info from the game guide (and perhaps the SFFT driver thread as well) and put it into some *.doc file and make it available for download.that should do for the start..

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Call of Duty2 has been out for about a mounth or so and I have it here and it's a game I play at the computerclub hehe

Would it be possible to get Call of Duty to work on a Voodoo5 5500 AGP & PCI?

if that si possible How should I do this, because there are rumors that it's based on the Quake3 Arena Engine but it's Direct 3D and really Quake3 Arena was surely OpenGL 1.2 and noway Direct 3D.

Would it bepossible to convert the game back to OpenGL and then use Wicked3D or MesaFX to run the game on a Voodoo5?

BTW ps47 told me that the error message that says "no support for dynamic textures" that it can be fixed, but then my question would be how, maybe you knaw this.

If anyone ahs an idea of How I should take this on, I'd like to know.


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CoD 2 should be possible to play ... there's a DX7 mode included. So if a GF2 can start it, a Voodoo5 could do it too. It just needs some driver improvements. =)

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hmm okay, but dod remember that a GeForce2 has T&L and a Voodoo5 does not have that abillity that is where the Voodoo5 fails even in DX 7 mode, so there gotta be another way.
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I do believe that the GF2 T&L is software based in the "new" drivers.......
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hmm software based maybe both, it needs the software to make the T&L work,yeah you could have a point, it's more like a combined thing.

But the V5 needs a powerfull CPU to emulate T&L so CoD2 should be possible and it even has a DX7 mode, the problem is, is that Geometry error, how must I pass that?

even MesaFX didn't cope either.
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