Voodoo Rush

Started by Chok, 22 August 2007, 07:09:30

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Hi, I have a VoodooRush , but I don`t know, which driver, I have to use...
I need one for Win XP...

I hope, you can help me :)


You choose depends of what 2D chip contain your voodoo rush card. There are two chips: Alliance Semiconductor (AT25)and Macronix International Inc. - MIXIC (MX86251). On this site in "Drivers" department you'll find suitable drivers.
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@ Chok
What do you want to do with a VoodooRush under XP ?

edit :
At the best, you will get a support for 2D, Glide and OpenGl.
But don't expect a support for a Direct3D Acceleration, because it doesn't exist.

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I saw Rush under W2K with running UT, so it was playable.
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