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Hello everyone.
Its been a while since I posted here. Back In the days I had a very old comp (pIII 517mhz 3dfx voodoo3 16 mb agp1)

But that have changed recently I got a laptop now:
Some specs:
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.40GHz Processor
3 Gigs of Ram
320 GB HDD
nVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS 256VRAM GDDR3
Windows Vista Home Premium 32 Bit

Im experiencing this very common problem with random permanent freezing that requires rebooting (no ctrl+alt+del works or such things :/)

Ive tried everywhere: - Epic - ASUS - laptopvideo2go

... and nothing so far. Most topics are unanswered. Ive been given some suggestions via pm to try moded drivers and I tried them all included the ones epic suggested as a solution to the problem

NOTHING so far seemed to help.

By this far I know its something video related. Ive made sure it aint sound aka open al. It aint overheating since I got Fallout 3 wich I play highest resolution and details without any freezing problem like with Unreal Tournament 3.

Freezing problem also happened with X-Men Origins Wolverine since its Unreal Engine 3 game too, but wasnt that often even though details and resolution was set to highest.

Everything in UT3 and nVIDIA control panel is tweaked to run for best performance. UT3 is set to lowest 800x600 and it still freezes.

Drear freinds I am very desperate to fix this issue and I could use all help.

In case somebody asks if my lap meets minimum recomendations here is the screenie that shows that it meets both minimum and recomended ones:

Click here to open the full size image

I know its possible to fix it. I can feel it.
Besides I did this kinda things in the past with underspec comp and gta vice city and its freezing problem that I solved was solved with drivers:

Only its the driver part with current comp and UT3 that fails (I mean doesent do a thing to fix it)...
Games / Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution Pack (HRP)
23 December 2007, 06:30:36
Greetings. Its been a while since my last visit here.

I would like to ask you guys if its possible to run it on a 3dfx Voodoo 3 with a PIII 700MHz CPU and 256 megs of ram WinXP platform?

Ive played it on classic mode but when I swaped to HRP mode screen went full of graphical anomalies and glitches... Was able to oparate the menu but couldnt see it...

Any ideas how to fix it ?
Hello :)

I know that Voodoo3 doesent support such thing as S3TC And this may sound silly, but I installed those bonus textures from the 2nd CD of UT G.O.T.Y Ediotion just in case somebody could find something to make it available on V3 :D

But lets get straight to my question...

Will those textures somehow affect preformance ? One thing is for sure they wont raise FPS :D But I`m kinda curious if they will or wont lower them...(?) Anybody who can answer this please do so, thankyou.

I have another question for you, dear community...

Ive read about antialiasing from diferent sources... Some say that there is no such thing as AA for Voodoo3, others that there is but its not working or working very weak (not visible [lol])...

I`m twisted a bit now... Is there one answer to the antialiasing question ? How is it in real ? Could someone explain the anti aliasing matter to me please ? Now when I`ve started my adventure with MesaFx where I found TAA Glide I`m even more curious about it...

Thanks in advance

Hey, you guys know whats up with EA's Formula 1 Challange game ? When I try to start the game it says that it isn`t detecting any DX8.1 compatible videocard (lol)

I have a Voodoo3 2000 AGP and a Pentium III 517 machine with 192 megs o' ram...


I would like to run DOOM3 on my comp (PIII 517MHz, 192mbram, Voodoo3 2000 AGP). But I dont know what files/drivers must I install... If YOU can give me a hand on this please do so. Thankyou.
Hello :)

This may be a silly question, but I`m gonna ask it anyway...

I am about to try running DOOM3 on my comp (PIII 517MHz, 192MB Ram, Voodoo3 2000) - not for pro gaming :D Just for fun, and I am curious if is it worth to try, I mean Ive read that is even possible to run it on a Voodoo2 but those machines besides Voodoo2 have high end processor plenty of ram and all that new things... So my question is will it run on my comp ?

Thanks in advance for answer...
24 December 2005, 12:31:27
Best wishesh from Telemachus Rhade to 3dfx Community! :)

Happy & Healthy Christmass, lots of gifts, joy and love to you all :) and a Happy new year too :)

I would like someone to direct me on this... There is a set of drivers that offers something that others dont (in this case its gamma correction for glide)... I would like to identify values/lines responsible for this so I will be able to adjust gamma in any drivers... Since the 3dfx Tools and other similar tools dont solve this problem, IT MUST BE IN THE INF

Generaly speaking... There are so many drivers, one set offers something that the other dont, second is good for something and third have some special abilities... Damn, why isn`t there ONE good driver with all the goodies WORKING... Sorry for the offtopic, but its hard not to mention, that if I wanna play gta3 vice city or colin mcrae rally2 i have to switch to drivers that allow these games work properly... And speaking of drivers... Im curious... Are the development of drivers for Voodoo3 ceased for good ? I mean, I`m not asking if dead 3dfx company makes it :D Im asking if there are some private users that make drivers for Voodoo3...

Ah... Getting back to the inf thing...
I would also like to know what to modify to see in display properties for example : PHILIPS 107MB on 3dfx Voodoo3 2000 AGP instead of PHILIPS 107MB on Voodoo3

And one last thing... About TMU's... This is complete newbie question... But are the both TMUs in Voodoo3 2000 AGP used ? I saw a method to enable second TMU but I dont recall this and dont know much on this actually, If somebody could explain this to me I would be very thankfull.

Im looking now to get totaly maximum out of my UT (its the one from 1999 - G.O.T.Y edition to be exact [8D])

Im not very satisfied with my framerate, I know that I can achieve better marks there since i own Voodoo card because Voodoo (V3 2000APG to be exact [8D]) rule on UT/Unreal1 series :D

Ive found drivers that allow me to override some gamma limitations, so now I`m looking for tips/driver (glide) updates focused on UT performance

If anyone here can give me a hand on this... please help... Thankyou.
Video Game Screenshots / Doomsday engine on Voodoo3
11 December 2005, 05:32:28
Greetings :)

I would like to present something new to this forum :D Maybe some of you already know this, but for those who dont know what is Doomsday here are some screenies [8D]

First of all setup screen with minimum specs:

The launcher:

Now here is a screenie from a console that shows us my video card:

Okay, lets cut to the chace now :)


My detailed system specs: Intel Pentium III 517MHz Processor (450MHz before overclocking), 192MB RAM (128[PC133]+64[PC100]:D), ASUS P2B-F mobo with Intel 440BX chipset, 3dfx Voodoo3 2000 AGP 16MB, Windows 98SE + unofficial Service Pack 2.0.2
Hello again

As we all know there is a possibility to run normal GTA3 on Voodoo3 2000... Since Vice City have the same engine, and there wasn`t found any method to bypass game freezes, I figured out that its about time for another breaktrough :D (as we all can read in my previous topic)

First of all I`d like to hear all experts opinions of the game freezes (what causes those freezes) There must be some people around here that know something since its a big community of great voodoo shamans :D

I saw Raziel's64 topic on VC in Banshee, he managed to run it on such card and the game is able to run on a voodoo2 but the question is is it running stable - if yes; I would like to know how :)

Im doing everything I can to solve this problem, tried all drivers (even those that are not for V3 (i.e. Voodoo4/5 drivers wich actualy worked good in Voodoo3, but the textures was all messed up however game seemed to run stable [for a longer while])

Every info on those freezes in VC would be very welcomed as mentioned in previous topic

I would also like ask the community for help on this matter (once again) - I`m helpless alone, but in team we can achieve something that wasn`t achieved yet, its another challange, let`s face it togheter and prove that impossible is no longer impossible!

There was a problem with running GTA3 (first GTA3) on my comp (Pentium III 517MHz, 192mb ram, Voodoo3 2000 AGP, Win98SE) the game was freezing when I managed to finnaly run it. Ive fixed the problem with very old reference drivers and GTA3 is running stable.

Now the same problem appeared in Vice City, Ive managed to run the game (and it was running very good even when there was P4 processor mentioned in system requirements on the site where I found the info about the specs) but after a while game freezed [xx(] (i was using the same drivers wich helped me run normal GTA3 stable [xx(] )...

What now ???

Please help me...
General Discussions / Voodoolizer and Voodooextreme
29 November 2005, 18:35:22
Anyone know where I can get LATEST Voodoolizer and Voodooextreme drivers ? When I try google, every link I get redirects me to some sh*t...

Need working mirrors of the latest drivers mentioned above

Please help...
Haj :D

Czytaj±c twojego posta zainteresowa³o mnie kilka rzeczy... Mianowicie:
QuoteI have voodoo3 2000->mod bios voodoo3 3000@205Mhz!:)
Czy to oznacza, ze wgrales bios od v3 3k na v3 2k oszukujac w ten sposob v3 2k aby dzialalo jak v3 3k ? Widze ze masz takze wieksza orientacje w sterownikach, a ja jestem w nich nieco zagubiony... Innymi slowy wydajesz sie byc bardziej w temacie niz ja, z tad tez moja prosba - prosilbym o rade, od dluzszego czasu szukam optymalnych rozwiazan (sterownikow i dodatkow do nich) dzieki ktorym moglbym "wycisnac" co sie da z mojego v3 2k, jak zapewne widziales probowalem sie juz radzic tutejszych, lecz oni nic konkretnego nie zaproponowali... Najbardziej interesuje mnie;
QuoteI have voodoo3 2000->mod bios voodoo3 3000@205Mhz!:)

Jesli znajdziesz chwile to odezwij sie na GG (7122935) lub na maila ktorego sam chciales odemnie :D czy choæby tutaj [:p]

Dzieki serdeczne