So which category of card would this be under?

Started by semose, 22 June 2004, 05:01:24

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I have a 3DFX Voodoo Rush 6mb card made by Matrox with the MX86521 chipset. What catergory of cards on this site is a Voodoo Rush considered? It's certainly isn't a Banshee, because I've been under the assumption that is was for the past 5 years since I messed up the drivers and only now have I found out that it is a Rush and not a Banshee, like the guy who sold it to me said. The reason I ask is I just got the WinXp drivers for it today and it works with CS 1.5 in software mode, but not in OpenGL, even with the 3DFX miniport driver option selected. I get the "This mode is not supported by your video card" message. Can anyone tell me where to get the right GL drives please?


This is not Matrox but Macronix.
Is it like this one (or something like this one) ?

What OS and drivers are using ?

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