V2 w/ GF4, Is it working as I want ? help please..

Started by MaxFX, 13 January 2005, 04:59:14

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Hi Folks !

I have here an GEFORCE4 MX440, and a VOODOO 2 PCI1000.

I put GF4 to work with Voodoo 2 togheter....Just by connecting the VGA cable. Fron GF4 to Voodoo 2 and From Voodoo 2 to the Display.

What I wanted was to make Voodoo 2 to render ONLY Glide graphics. And the DIRECT3D or OPENGL ones, to be rendered by GF4. Ok, I installed Fast Voodoo 4 GE, and the correction Patches.
Ok, till now, everything is right.

So, I put the PC in TOTAL IDLE, and checked the temperatures....well, i checked them with my fingers....eheheh
In idle mode GF4 and Voodoo were cold.

So I download a TECH DEMO here in 3dfxzone.it, and runned it.
The GF4, was warm, and Voodoo 2 was really hot.

Then I ran a game In Direct3d mode (wich have to be rendered by GF4), right, Voodoo got cold, GF4 hot.

I Runned UNREAL GOLD in Glide mode, then GF4 got a little more than warm, a little hot, and Voodoo 2 was in the same temperature than GF4.

I made this "home-made" or better "finger-made" temperature measuring to verify the activity in each Video Board. To know witch one was with the bigger load, the one that was working more...

I did it to make sure that Vooddo 2 was rendering in GLIDE mode, because, my GF4 works with GLIDE too, the image gets a Little strage, with very small points all over the screen...etc....strange....

So I verified the Image quality, took off Voodoo 2 and left only GF4, and Runned Unreal Gold in GLIDE mode, ok, the image was strange in the same way...Runned in DIRECT3D, ok worked right....normally....

Ok now.....I put the Voodoo 2 and runned Unreal in GLIDE MODE, the Image was with very high quality, no errors, no points, and nice colors....Then...I runned in DIRECT3D with Voodoo 2, Voodoo 2 was not working anymore....GF4 was doing all the work, Voodoo 2 wasn't doing anything...


So....finally, after all the testing, the final questions:

1-Is Voodoo 2 really rendering in GLIDE or GF4 is doing all the work ?
2-Is this really Glide ?
3-Does all this testing comproves what I wanted ( Voodoo 2 only rendering in Glide) ?????
4-A friend of mine told me that may be GF4 was DOING the work with the textures, and Voodoo 2 renders the images...Can this be really happening ???

Any comments POST !

MY MSN IS: abislaldo@hotmail.com

Thanks !



1) yes, if you don't use any glide wrapper like evoodoo xp..
2)no, if the rendering is done by the geforce, trought the wrapper
3)yes..voodoo2 in windows xp runs only in glide and opengl..directx doesn't runs(legendgrafix apart..)
4)False. The entire work is done by voodoo

Regards, Manuelson.
Powered by ALL Voodoo..


Thanks dude !

Is there any GLIDE benchmarking ?

Thanks !