Which driver are you using for your 3dfx video card Voodoo1 Rush or Graphics ?

Started by Glide, 14 February 2007, 13:16:38

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Hi guys,

I'm asking you as the subject: which driver are you using for Voodoo1 Rush and Voodoo1 Graphics cards?
Please specify Operative System too.

Your replys could be useful both to all as a reference and to 3dfxzone as users feedback.  

Thanks in advance,



My Voodoo Graphics is rarley in use. But when, then it's fueled by the last official 3dfx drivers or the Iceman mod that's based on it (Win 98 SE). No Rush so far.

The biggest Voodoo5 6000 test ever: http://3dcenter.de/artikel/voodoo5-6000/


With a Voodoo Rush, my machines are too fast.
The last time when i used a VR, i installed the last 3dfx 3.01.00 (under Win98SE).

If Voodoo1, would be under Dos.

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