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General Discussions / xen hypervisor?
18 December 2012, 14:31:13
Hmm... is this possible? @@
OMG.... Truly remarkable!! =)
I don't understand french, I might need a little help!
Where can I buy this PCI-Express to PCI Adapter?

Also, Is there PCI-Express to AGP version?

Please reply me!
I am soooo... gonna get this soon! :)
OMG... you're still buying 3dfx Card! AWESOME! ^^
Games / Old Games + DosBox + Hardware V5
13 October 2010, 06:14:27
Thanks.... Finally u replied... are u the only moderator who are alive here? @@
Games / Old Games + DosBox + Hardware V5
04 October 2010, 02:57:29
Nobody can help? :(
Games / Old Games + DosBox + Hardware V5
03 October 2010, 04:33:19
Hi all, (miss me? its been a while, but I've been watching this forum)

I just recently installed Linux Ubuntu 10.04 (waiting for 10 Oct 2010 for 10.10), along side with Voodoo5 5500 PCI.

I got Windows XP, 7 and Linux Ubuntu. (all are 32 bit)

I am downloading Dosbox for windows&linux and to test them on really old games, say MechWarrior 1 SE or Tomb Raider 1.

Tip: Linux Ubuntu: Thank god for Synaptic Package Manager, I can install the driver. This is my first time using linux with Voodoo5 PCI, bear with me! So I installed libglide3, libglide2 device3dfx-source and glide2-bin (I'm guessing it, I'm not sure what those does!).
Tested with glxgears, it looks like its working.. ^^

For Windows, as per normal, using SSFT for Win7 and Ami for WinXP!

So while waiting for Dosbox download and ubuntu updates, I been doing a lot research regarding glide wrapper works with DosBox..

My question is are:-
1. I do not require GlideWrapper(nGlide) since I already have a Voodoo 5 PCI hardware accelerated, correct?

A. If yes, Does DOSBOX(Linux or Windows) allow Tomb Raider 1 or MechWarrior 1 (with 3dfx patch of course), allow direct communication to the Voodoo5 card itself?

B. If no, Does it means, that I need to install MS-DOS 6 so that DOS games can talk directly to Voodoo5?

The reason me asking this, coz I have some old dos games, that I would like to play with my 3dfx voodoo5 card. DosBox, to my understanding, is a DOS emulation under windows, so just curious if the games in DosBox enviroment, could detect my V5 5500 card, which is outside of DoSBox?

Any tip or instruction on how to get it working?

General Discussions / ThunderGL
27 May 2010, 03:14:24

Thanks for adding me to MSN. I will test ThunderGL very soon.

I have a brand new Pentium Dual Core, Voodoo 5 MAC PCI, and perhaps I will install 4 OS. (Win98, 2K,XP,7)


I heard you are looking for testers who are using 64-bit OS?

How to use this file? because my TV works well on that resolution. Any Idea?
Hi guys!
I follow the steps

& I got the file from trigger from that post


81 Posts
Posted - 05/07/2005 :  11:47:09  Show Profile  Email Poster  Visit trigger's Homepage  Click to see trigger's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
Hi there!

I recently purchased two Voodoo5 5500's (PCI for MACINTOSH).

One was already PC flashed with the 1.18 bios enabling DVI! ....see picky

The other one, I had to exorcise myself!

Had trouble flashing the MAC card with the BIOS located @

Tried another one from
1.18 (Digital Output Enabled) under the heading Voodoo5 5500 Pci

It succesfully worked but the video BIOS bootup screen reported it as a Voodoo4 4000 or 4500.
(can't exactly remember which one)

Phreaked out and ended up dumping the working one I had, then flashed that one up! Both work great!
The DVI on both cards are SWEET!

Think about it, GLIDEā„¢ on DVI - no loss of picture quality through DAC. I highly recommend them.

P.S. You can grab my verified working BIOS file from here! (flash tools included)

The flash( did work! I am able to use the MAC version from my PC..
The normal VGA works like a charm!


The normal DVI, I tried to use the DVI-HDMI converter! I wanted to plug into my 32" TV. When I did that, there was no display. There was no Output at all...

I am 110% sure that my ATI or Nvidia in my other home PC, works fine with the converter DVI - HDMI. (Already Tested)

The converter is similar to this

Have anyone try this yet? DVI to HDMI? Anyone?

Thanks Bro! =)
Games / G L I D E - G A M E Z
25 May 2010, 07:08:54
- Add Mortal Kombat 4!
Yo Rolo01, the P5W64 WS Pro do not have PCI-X!


Check it out:-
If you plan on getting Voodoo5 PCI, 2 Things you may need to considure.

1 - According to goriath, if you want to enjoy the MAXIMUM out of the card, get the motherboard with PCI-X. This what he mentioned "You can install Voodoo5 5500 PCI in any standard PCI slot (32bit x 33MHz = 133 MB/s). But in order to enjoy the full bandwidth, you must install the card in a motherboard with a PCI-X slot (32bit x 66MHz = 266 MB/s...the same as AGP)."

2. - (Optional) If possible, get the Voodoo5 MAC PCI version, as they have DVI Output. I am waiting for my own Voodoo5 MAC PCI to arrive anytime soon, and assuming if I'm right, I will use the DVI to HDMI converter, and plug in to my LCD TV. That should give me approximately 1680X1050 & Play 3dfx Games on WIDE TV screen, LIKE NEVER BEFORE!. That's just me.

Hope this should give u some idea. =)