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SFFT 52, 53 and now 54, all have the same overlay problem.
Please, I ask for help from advanced users or driver writers!
I use in one PC two 3DFX video cards: one Voodoo 3 3500TV AGP and one Voodoo 4 4500 PCI. I need them both, as I use the V3 3500TV for the TV-Tuner (I have no TV or money to buy one or another TV-Tuner PCI card), plus for it's speed, and I need the V4 4500 for playing games that need texture compression or large textures support (and although it's slower than playing with V3 3500, FSAA does look great with V4!).
In Win 9x enviroment I have no problem to use both Voodoo's. The only conflict would have been when the DirectX drivers would have been shared, but I figured that out by "trial and error" and I found out that if I use for example the original 3DFX drivers for Voodoo3(DirectX driver-files names end up with *V3.* rather than *VS.* like for Voodoo4) there are no more problems.
But in Win 2000 enviroment is another story... All the drivers have the same names for files both for V3 and V4 (*VS.*) so the system will lock when trying to be active both of them at the same time adressing the same driver files. The solution would probably be to edit the .inf files and change the names of the driver files so there will be no sharing. I'm not so experienced myself for that task, so can somebody help me solve my problem, please?
Would it work if I follow the following steps to change the Voodoo 4 driver?
1. Extract the driver.
2. Change the names of 3dfxvs.dll and 3dfxvsm.sys to 3dfxv4.dll and 3dfxv4m.sys.
3. Open the 3dfxvs2k.inf file and search for the "3dfxvs" text and where found replace with "3dfxv4" for every instance found.
4. Install the moddiffied driver.
Any suggestions are more than wellcomed! Thanks in advance!
Voodoo3 and Velocity Discussions / Oglx
15 August 2005, 06:20:53
Any progres yet with OglX? What a revolutionary tool would it be! Is there any alpha or beta release available for download? I want to test it as it is, if it is still in developement. How could I get it?
Thanks! HyperSnap rulles!
Could you please help me with this problem: ?
Hi! Please help me again by sharing your experiences :)
There are some games that alow displaying of a FPS counter (frames per second) in one corner of the screen. There is also the program named "FRAPS" that should do that too. But my problem is that the verssion of FRAPS downloadable at only works in Win XP enviroments and I use Win 9x, plus that lost of games have no such option built in. Now, I won't install Win XP only to get FRAPS working; I'm very happy with Win 9x; but I need to know the FPS I get with different settings for many games I play, including DirectX, OpenGL and Glide. I hope you might know some generic FPS counter that works with Win 9x and displays ingame the FPS number in one corner of the screen so you could give me a hint where to download it. Or maybe you have an older verssion of FRAPS that runs on Win 9x and you could upload it for me...
Please help, any sugestion is greatly welcomed!
QuoteOriginally posted by ps47

pssst,dont tell anyone,but the first release shoud be coming very soon (think days) ;)
Any news? Is it OglX downloadable by now? Thanx.
If the effect is done in software, why can't the game emulate it when using a Voodoo 3? It would be much fun!
For all I knew by now, this special T-Buffer effect that is the Temporal Anti-Aliasing, also named as Motion Blur should not be able to perform on a Voodoo 4 4500 PCI. I saw on various documentations that the only T-Buffer effect Voodoo 4 is capable of displaying is the Full Scene Anti-Aliasing 2x (FSAA2x), as this boards are single chip solutions. On the other hand, Voodoo 5's, as they are double or quad chip boards are able to do not only FSAA 4x/8x, but also TAA (Motion Blur).
To my big surprise, playing the game MotoGP2 with my Voodoo 4 4500 PCI (PC verssion, 1xVSA100 @166Mhz, 32Mb SDRAM) - courthesy by Rolo01, this special effect popped-out:

800x600 - tumbnail

resized to 400x300
It looks like Motion Blur to me, the game's readme clearely states that this special effect will be displayed on video cards that support it, but how is it possible for a single chip Voodoo 4 to do Temporal Anti-Aliasing?
Could you recommend a screen-shot utility program that works with 3DFX cards (Voodoo 3, 4, ...). I would like it to be able to capture screen images in games on Direct3D (DirectX) but also on OpenGL and Glide. The key I set in the 3DFX Tools doesn't work at all in Direct3D and in Glide works with a small number of games (mostly it doesn't), so I need a third-party solution ...
Links for available suitable downloads would be greatly appreciated!  ;D
Thanks ...  ;)
Games / good games
18 July 2005, 09:41:41
QuoteOriginally posted by Teff

Jedi Knight II:Jedi Outcast,
Jedi Knght III:Jedi Academy,
GTA 3,
Half-life 2.........

Would them run acceptable with 1Ghz Duron CPU?
Sorry, this one will be off-topic, but it's important for me:
QuoteOriginally posted by ps47

weird error.try reinstalling the driver (make sure to load it via the device manager) can try unpacking this archive to your windows/system32 folder as well.
ps47,from what driver have you extracted those glide dlls and the ICD you linked?You all might help me on this subject
Thanks. Excuse again the off-topic :)
Hi all,
My main problem? There are no updated drivers for Windows 9x/ME, especialy for Voodoo 3 Cards.
My solution? Mix 'n' match from newer drivers glide libraries, OpenGL ICD's, etc...
But I need help from more experienced users than myself, so plese give me somme hints :D
For all I know, there are 3 main parts of a voodoo driver: the DirectX core (D3D), the glide libraries and the OpenGL ICD.
I will try to take updated parts from other driver packages to mix with one base voodoo 3 driver.
What I need to know:
In what driver release can I find the latest Glide 2.x (not Glide 2.x to Glide 3.x wrapper), Glide 3.x and OpenGL ICD? Of course, the files doesn't have to be necessary from one single package.
I was thinking taking the latest Raziel Evolution driver for VSA100, as this one has the most tweaks configurable (virtualy every enviroment variable can be set into 3DFX tools), then overwrite on top DirectX (D3D) core from Amigamerlin 2.9 driver (12.1.666 is the latest core suitable for Voodoo3 in Win9x) or maybe 3DHQ (hmm, not so good feedback), then also add the best new glide libs and the ICD.
For OpenGL, MesaFX seems as a good solution, but although all have the same version, the ICD from Amigamerlin 3.1 R11, from SFFT 32 and the one downloadable from dborca's web page have all diferent sizes, so they are not identical neighter in functions ...
About Glide ... I'm allready dizzy ... so many releases, ... numbering is bogous ... Help will be greatly appreciated. As I stated, I want real Glide 2.x not wrapper.
Please, do not hesitate to trow here advices from your personal experiences :) Tank you!
AMD Video Cards / Wierd Catalyst drivers
11 July 2005, 19:18:58
Jesus!!! :D
Please move to the Video Cards section ...
There it's all about
QuoteDiscussions about not 3dfx boards like ATI, nVIDIA, Matrox and other
Thanks ...:)
General Discussions / Voodoo 2 with 3 Tmu's
09 July 2005, 18:04:29
QuoteOriginally posted by gdonovan

Yes, one company did build cards with three TMU's.
Don't be so discrete about it, Gary!
Please say more about this subject; a link will be appreciated.
QuoteOriginally posted by bloodworm

dual video in a win9X system (98 ME etc.)  takes a reg tweak but works sweet
bloodworm, please tell us more about this. Please ...