Need help for compiling Win9x driver

Started by PHOENIX, 10 August 2003, 12:04:01

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Hello !

I am PHOENIX.I have a 3Dfx Banshee and I seek help for compiling Win9x driver from 3dfx source code released by NuAngel.

Daniel Borca has already compiled a driver. On his homepage you can download file which contains instructions.

Unfortunately, Daniel Borca sent me a not working Voodoo Banshee driver. If somebody could provide help, I would be grateful.

If anybody can compile a working Banshee Win9x driver, please send me a copy at Thank you very much in advance !

Best regards


Why don't see with Daniel Borca where the problem can be ?
he knows the driver and he has compiled it ...

please, don't link directly to the file

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Yeah, I ain't got no feedback so far... :) Not that I have much spare time, anyway :D

Borca Daniel
Daniel Borca