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 3dfx Hardware & Software
 Voodoo4/5 Setup and tweaking
 quake3 test with motion blur
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Posted - 31/01/2004 :  17:36:29  Show Profile  Visit ps47's Homepage  Send ps47 an AOL message  Send ps47 an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
hello,I have just tried the quake3test with motion blur support(can be downloaded from falconfly's archive),and it looks awesome I must admit.however,I get lockups running the second demo with the default opengl icd (3dfx driver 1.04.01b).the lockups are gone when I use wickedgl,but now the graphics are smearing around sometimes (again,in the second demo)..any ideas how should I fix it..?

The 3Dfx Helppage and Game Guide / Voodoo3/4/5 enviromental variables

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Posted - 03/02/2004 :  06:32:30  Show Profile  Visit InSomNiaN's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I take it your running Win98se, so you can try and use the 1.04 or try with the 1.07's. I'm fairly sure the 1.07's are a little bit buggy in the Opengl side of things though....

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Posted - 21/02/2004 :  23:05:37  Show Profile  Visit Blazkowicz's Homepage  Click to see Blazkowicz's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote

I have the same thing with wicked gl and amigamerlin 2.9
this seconde demo looks great anyway :) (and it runs fast)

but I have a question : I can create a server but playing alone sucks, and I don't think anyone still plays Q3test 1.06

is there a command to add bots?
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Posted - 27/02/2004 :  17:17:59  Show Profile  Visit bloodworm's Homepage  Reply with Quote
If you guys are running Q3 in OpenGL, no matter what driver set you are running, you should go and download the 761 ICD and the GlideXP project glide3 dll from coulorless dragons site.


this combo fixes quite a bit of stuff from the older driver sets even without his ICD interceptor (which is also a good idea to be running). I also have an ICD interceptor based on coulorless's GXPogl interceptor that adds quite a bit of extentions through the ICD (NOT the mesa addon) and does most of what the Mesa addon does but via the ICD. Adds 20% more FPS to everything too! I will email Rainbow to see if he wants to distribute the dll.

Bloody Mess

Edited by - bloodworm on 27/02/2004 17:21:54
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Posted - 28/02/2004 :  13:13:48  Show Profile  Visit dborca's Homepage  Send dborca a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Mesa is not an add-on.

Daniel Borca
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Posted - 28/02/2004 :  14:39:50  Show Profile  Visit Nightbird's Homepage  Send Nightbird a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Full graphic library.


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Posted - 01/03/2004 :  04:54:02  Show Profile  Visit Val_Parthen's Homepage  Send Val_Parthen an AOL message  Reply with Quote
This isn't a driver issue, really... the Quake3 Test is just an early version of Quake 3 and -EXTREMELY- prone to crashing. So get in and get your screenshots while you can...

Or look at mine. :) http://myst.no-ip.org:20000/images/3dfx/mb/quake3/

Blackowitz: Try "addbot orbb". Also, I'm sure you can find someone to play with you. :) Quake3 Test 1.08 w/ motion blur is sweet.

Edited by - Val_Parthen on 01/03/2004 04:55:35
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Posted - 01/03/2004 :  07:07:01  Show Profile  Visit lecram25's Homepage  Reply with Quote
w00t! Super Jr to the rescue!

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