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 Matrox + 3dfx card on the same system.
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Posted - 26/11/2009 :  09:19:27  Show Profile  Visit SilverShadow's Homepage  Click to see SilverShadow's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
Hello everyone

Im sorry if im posting this on the wrong sub-forum, but ive been searching the web for information on this all week long and havent found anything.

First of all, im Portuguese, and im searching help on international foruns since i couldnt find any support on local ones.

As a computer enthusiast (work on a computer sales store) Im building a "retro games machine" to play old games, like Carmaggedon, Tomb Raider, Need for speed 2 and so on.

Currently my basic configuration is:

Motherboard Soltek SL65KV2
Intel Celeron (Tualatin) 1.3Ghz (overclocked to 1495mhz)
1.5Gb ram (3x 512mb Sdram pc133)
2x80gb Hitachi ATA100 Drives
Microsoft Windows 98 SE with a patch for the 1.5GB of ram (W98 doesnt enjoy computers with over 1GB of ram)

And a Matrox Millenium G400 Max DualHead as main grafics card.

Well, want i want to do (and need to know if its possible) its to install a 2nd 3dfx card on this system, so i can play games with glide support.

My original ideia was to get a VooDoo5 AGP and just switch it with the Matrox everytime i wanted to, but that would probably get me some buggy crashes with the drivers unlease i did a clean installation of
windows everytime i switched them. Plus having to open the case everytime...

So that brought me to a new and more complex ideia: Both cards on the same system. Obviously I would need a PCI version of VooDoo5 (there isnt really much different in performance), or i would try 2x VooDoo2 (SLI).

My doubt is, since the matrox g400 is also a 3d card, will the SLI'ed voodoo2 work on the system?

What about any other voodoo3/4 or5? Will they work correcly as a 2nd graphic card?

And yes, I do prefer the ideia of keeping the Matrox on the system, since the G400 is clearly better than a Nvidia Tnt2 and it supports bump mapping wich i think voodoo5 doesnt (correct me if im wrong)

Any help will be trully apreciated.



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Posted - 01/12/2009 :  23:29:42  Show Profile  Visit Nightbird's Homepage  Send Nightbird a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I have a Matrox G200 running under Win98SE with 2 Voodoo2 Creative Labs, no problem
You can install the tool "3D Control Center"


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Edited by - Nightbird on 01/12/2009 23:35:28
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Posted - 15/11/2010 :  16:55:56  Show Profile  Visit TheJohnKerrys's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I also use a 16mb G200 with a diamond voodoo2 under win98SE/directX7a with no issues
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Posted - 30/11/2010 :  11:46:49  Show Profile  Visit lettmon's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Your system doesn't pass for oldschool
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