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 3dfx Hardware & Software
 Voodoo2 Setup and tweaking
 fv2 4.0 xp and the case of the missing opengl
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Posted - 18/04/2004 :  21:52:04  Show Profile  Visit bobthebuilder's Homepage  Reply with Quote
i followed the directions for installing the fastvoodoo2 app and started by installing dx9, i rebooted, installed the fv2 ge xp app and rebooted. when i go into the display properties i can see a 3dfx v2 1000 tab, i click on it and inside that tab there's a drop down menu to select glide and presumably opengl, but the drop down menu only shows glide and NOT opengl. is there a problem there? in addition to that i know that this fastvoodoo2 software doesn't use direct3d but why did it require the installation of directx9?



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Posted - 21/04/2004 :  00:13:41  Show Profile  Visit bobthebuilder's Homepage  Reply with Quote
....so basically to sum it up, glide apps work, but opengl apps don't and afaik the fastvoodoo drivers (and the original driver) are supposed to enable opengl support.

Is there something wrong with my setup or something that i must perhaps install in addition to these drivers to get opengl games to work with the card?

Dual P2/400
ATI Rage 3D Pro 4MB
Voodoo2 12MB
Windows XP SP1

I've tried using the WickedGL drivers and the miniGL drivers and they dont work but the reason they don't work I think is because the Voodoo2 driver hasn't enabled opengl support in the first place.

Any help here pls?
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Posted - 21/04/2004 :  18:34:51  Show Profile  Visit PanoramixDruida's Homepage  Send PanoramixDruida an ICQ Message  Reply with Quote
Did you try MesaFX?. It should let you play OpenGL games. You can download the drivers from 3dfxzone.it too!
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Posted - 04/05/2004 :  06:41:29  Show Profile  Visit bobthebuilder's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I've tried mesafx but no luck. Here's a screenie so everyone knows whats going on:

So basically, it's windows xp, it's got a voodoo2 12mb, i forget the name, something with 'magic' in it. the fastvoodoo4.0 drivers for winxp don't enable OPENGL support as u can see, so far ONLY glide is working and that really restricts the # of games my PC can play.

any help here?
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Posted - 05/05/2004 :  21:09:08  Show Profile  Visit amp_man's Homepage  Reply with Quote
sounds like an STB Black Magic. I think that screen is only supposed to show glide options, I'm not completely sure.
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Posted - 08/05/2004 :  06:55:33  Show Profile  Visit bobthebuilder's Homepage  Reply with Quote
i dunno man, no opengl or direct3d games work, only glide games work (and steam/halflife doesn't like glide), answers to this question come slow due to the obvious nature of these forums. anyway i'm writing off my voodoo2 problem. i mean i can't believe i'm the only person with this 'NO OPENGL' problem with supposed opengl drivers.

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Posted - 09/05/2004 :  19:00:02  Show Profile  Visit Nightbird's Homepage  Send Nightbird a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote


In-ter-ac-tive :
The way video games were always meant to be played

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Posted - 10/05/2004 :  22:51:06  Show Profile  Visit bobthebuilder's Homepage  Reply with Quote
yea that still doesn't work.
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Posted - 04/05/2005 :  16:57:03  Show Profile  Visit sPank's Homepage  Reply with Quote
well, i'm also having the same problems.

I'm running a Creative 12MB voodoo2 on Win2K (SP4) using the FastVoodoo2 4.0 XP Gold Edition Drivers. Tried the WickedGL and MesaFX.

I also don't get the "OpenGL" option in the properties menu.

I am attempting to get Games in Steam running (Counter-strike, TFC, etc.)

I know this is an old thread, but any help?
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