glide3x BETA which comes with MesaFX

Started by Flash, 10 March 2004, 17:50:51

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Don't copy this glide3x to %windir%\system, it's definitely not a good idea.
Why ? It's early beta and it's buggy like hell, for example try to run Tribes 2 with MesaFX and this DLL - lots of gfx bugs... Same UT2K3 - sky on DM-Antalus is broken, various errors with Glide64, texture bugs in Unreal. So, copy this dll to game directory instead, if all works fine - use it as this dll is faster than 30303, bugs - try to delete this glide3x.dll
and use older 30303 until bugs in 40404 will  be fixed
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How about posting this on the sourceforge page, in the bugs section? That would be much more useful than putting it here. I think it's use is similar to MesaFX, use it only when it gives better performance ;)
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this is old news...


Flash, can u be more specific of the bugs or  various errors with Glide64, please?
cause in win xp, i found a rare bug, in
but, i don't know why now i dont get that issue.. only now i have "Glide Splash Screen" enabled... from regedit,, i can't set Value to 1 (disabled) cause it's the same, without 3dfx tools.