Voodoo5500 AGP problems

Started by dominiqe, 05 March 2004, 09:05:04

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Hi. I've bought used Voodoo5500 AGP card recently. I have Win98 operating system. I installed Voodoo with AmigaMerlin drivers, but i've tried others diffrent too ex.:voodoolizer or 3dhq. Old games like Quake1, Daikatana or Blood2 don't work with this card when antialiasing is set to 2x or higher - system freezes. If I leave it at SingleChip(antialiasing) - everything is normal and games work. Is this normal? Which games support AA x2 or x4? When I have XP installed before - it was the same. Game started - but within 5 seconds it freeze.

And one more problem. When I finish playing I can't back to Windows - screen goes black and nothing happens. Maybe monitor frequency is to high? I don't know - but voodoo shouldn't change it if I've set it to
75Hz before.
Sometimes when I run game screen goes black too and nothing happens.

Please help me.[:(]


If you are running Win98, why are you using any other drivers than the final release from 3Dfx? IMO the 3Dfx 1.04.01 beta drivers are still the best under Win9x for the Voodoo5 and they support DX8. Give them a try, you will be very happy. http://www.voodoofiles.com/3203

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Thanks a lot. I'll try them.


Thanks a lot. I'll try them.


Yes, use the 3dfx drivers, but use the latest glide files from koolsmoky. All these other drivers are really intended for better XP support.
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Quoteand they support DX8
Well, the support is really "lite".

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I've fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The problem was that my old Abit with BX chipset can't run with 66MHz on AGP port by 133MHz FSB. I have PIII 1GHz and the mainbord give me 83MHz on AGP where my Voodoo 5500 is pluged. So i've changed it - by 100MHz FSB it run 66MHz on AGP port. I lost a little power because PIII have to work at 750MHz now - but 3Dfx works very good - no hangs or glitches. It's time to change mainboard :)

To everyone who has similar problem ->
Check your AGP bus frequency first! than changing drivers or even operating system. It seems that Voodoo don't like frequencies greater than 66MHz (but GeForce likes :) )

By the way - the best drivers for Voodoo 5500 AGP is Voodoolizer - it is a little faster than others.


That sounds odd, my V5 ran fine on my old Abit BH-6, with a P2 350(100FSB)@467(133FSB).
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