Voodoo 1 issues!

Started by AtTheGates, 09 September 2018, 11:19:42

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I have a Techworks Power 3D Voodoo 1 4MB card. I bought it to use with my Pentium III 450Mhz retro setup. Unfortunately I CANNOT get any games to run with it!! It's detected fine by Windows 98, and installing any driver goes without a hitch. No errors or anything. But whatever game I try to run simply refuses to work. Quake III Arena detects the card but fails. Quake II is the same. As is Dark Omen and various other games. I've tried following advice such as reinstalling Windows, then installing DirectX5, then installing the Diamond Monster 3D 1.08 drivers. Absolutely NOTHING seems to trigger the card into working!!

Anyone have an ideas??

Thanks! :)


No display from the voodoo card? did you remember to put the passthrough cable from the 2d card to voodoo card?
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