Frames-per-second counter software-need info's pls

Started by Gemail, 14 August 2005, 06:15:20

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Hi! Please help me again by sharing your experiences :)
There are some games that alow displaying of a FPS counter (frames per second) in one corner of the screen. There is also the program named "FRAPS" that should do that too. But my problem is that the verssion of FRAPS downloadable at only works in Win XP enviroments and I use Win 9x, plus that lost of games have no such option built in. Now, I won't install Win XP only to get FRAPS working; I'm very happy with Win 9x; but I need to know the FPS I get with different settings for many games I play, including DirectX, OpenGL and Glide. I hope you might know some generic FPS counter that works with Win 9x and displays ingame the FPS number in one corner of the screen so you could give me a hint where to download it. Or maybe you have an older verssion of FRAPS that runs on Win 9x and you could upload it for me...
Please help, any sugestion is greatly welcomed!



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there is a version of fraps that works with windows 9x