Need help with my Diamond Monster 3D!!!

Started by Stalker93, 19 September 2012, 10:59:01

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Hi everyone!!
I`m new to the forum, so I hope I`m posting in the right section:D ...I have a huge problem with my Diamond Monster 3D 4MB PCI: I have to say that the card is new, just taken it out of the original sealed I placed it inside my pc (which is running winXP SP3), connected everything properly (the pass-through, etc...) and started to test the available drivers for my matter what driver I use, everytime I try to run Unreal through GLide render, I got a blocky screen, full of coloured random pixels..and the whole system hangs there..but the strange thing is that I can still hear the background music...please guys I really need some help!!! Thx!! ;)

Btw, these are my specs:
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200@2.5GHz processor
ASUS P5QPL-AM mainboard
GeForce GTX 465 1GB GDDR5
160GB Westsern Digital SATA HDD 7200Rpm


here's a pic of the problem!!

Image Insert:

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What drivers are you using for your Voodoo1 ?

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WOW!! Thx for the super fast answer!!
Well, I've tried many of 'em: from 3dfx zone, I've picked the Iceman 1.00.01 drivers for win2K/XP..then the latest reference drivers for winNT (v3.01.00) from finally even GlideXP...but without luck!! Maybe I'm doing something wrong..could you please post me a little guide about how to install this AMAZING card correctly (even the best drivers maybe:D)?? I'd really want to get this dream workin'!!! Thank you;)