3Dfx Voodoo and WindowsXP x64

Started by White Voodoo Master, 09 July 2005, 11:41:40

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White Voodoo Master

14 days ago, i install new version of Windows on my system. So, i want to run my Voodoo cards
under this OS. Did someone know where i can get drivers? Drivers exists?



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CJ Jooou

I think that you will have to wait some time for the drivers.
It is always like that. So you shouldnt spend your days on google trying to find drivers. When they get relased you will know.



White Voodoo Master, which card do u have?

do u have 2D acceleration, no¿

how about the Direct 3d? does it work win default (if win64 has it) drivers?

White Voodoo Master

I have many Voodoo Cards, and i will install Voodoo 2 SLI or Voodoo 3 3000 PCI, but i'll do it when x64 drivers will be ready.
Hmmm, maybe today i try Voodoo 3 PCI, will see...


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White Voodoo Master

i install my Voodoo 3, run Windows XP x64 bit Edition, but card detects only like Standart VGA adapter. I will try to install exists Win32 drivers, but i think it will not help. How can we know about future compatibility between Voodoo and XP64?