problem with glide under msdos (screamer 2)

Started by 7stone, 01 April 2005, 00:29:43

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i have in an older pc a voodoo 1 card (because the voodoo 2 i also have didnt fit in there (it was too long, bad board layout).

now i want to play screamer 2 and screamer rallye again as earlier.

only the voodo 1 card i have (miro hiscore 3d)
does only have a windows program with drivers with it.

and the files that come with the screamer games are obviously not enoough.

i keep getting an error message.

i remember darkly from earlier years, that there had to be at least
3 files : fxmemmap.vxd, glide2x.ovl, glide3x.ovl
i have 2 of themn, but i cant find the 3. one (glide3x.ovl)

where can i find it ?

also earlier i had in autoexec.bat a call to a "v1tweak.bat" that gave some dos command like "SET SST...... = ..... " ; those were
a couple of command,s i dont have thjose now (came form a tweak software i think).

ther error message that screamer goives me when it stops after few seconds says something like "... sst not found.... " or similar.

can anyone help ?

where lies the problem ?




Try to begin by the beginning ;)
- glide3x.ovl will not help you and you will not find it in a 3dfx driver (only in a Quantum3D driver)
- what driver are you using ?
Quoteand the files that come with the screamer games are obviously not enoough
what files ?

ScreamerRally at the beginning ran only on a Voodoo1, so it "must" run.

In-ter-ac-tive :
The way video games were always meant to be played

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