VOODOO5-XP Call of duty, wolfenstein help

Started by Gwhiz_3T, 10 August 2004, 05:15:41

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I need help from you gurus. Im new to the video card thing. I recently recieved a voodoo 5 5500. I have upgraded to windows XP and have a pent 3 with 256m Ram. I have already downloaded amigamerlin 3.0 and mesa fx 6.1. However I am having a few problems. When I play Return to castle wolfenstien I get booted after about 2 min with an openGL exploit error. How can I fix this? Also when I play Call of duty my fps is between 6 and 9 this is terrible. Is there any way to improve fps? Lastly I cant get to my voodoo card settings I can get to the mesa settings but after recently formatting my hard drive, I can no longer get to the settings for the voodoo card itself. Do I need to unistall the new drivers and reinstall the original from the disk that came with the card or what??? Please help


In the previous post the settings that Im refering to that I cant find are these-->https://www.3dfxzone.it/dir/3dfx/bestsettings/am30xp/gs.htm


Try to reinstall Amigamerlin3.0 over the existing one. I cannot acces the tools when i first install them. When i install the again and i select "repair" it works fine. When MesaFX is installed properly CoD should run pretty good. So be sure you have installed it them right way.           --> glide3x.dll  in windows/system32 folder
              --> opengl32.dll  in game folder (C:\Games\CoD)


Gwhiz_3T, welcome to this board.

The best choice for optimal setup and system stability, after video card upgrade, is hard drive formatting and a newer OS installing: in this way only you would get good pc performances and no application errors, like you wrote.


you will need a fast cpu if you want to play cod at playable framerates,at least 1500MHz or more..