maximum directX version?

Started by tmt, 04 August 2004, 10:09:00

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Hi, wow, a voodoo1 discussion forum, very cool :D

I want to resurrect my old Voodoo1 card to play some golden oldies.
I have gotten hold of an old PIII 667 with integrated videocard (motherboard is i810).

Now I remember from a few years ago my Voodoo1 card stopped working after a while, it only displayed some green blobs on the screen when I started a 3D game (can't remember if it was glide or opengl game)
I think the cause was an upgrade of directX. Is that possible?

Do any of you know the last version of directX that works on the voodoo1?

On the PIII I installed the latest refernce drivers (2.48) and directX6.1 but when I start a 3DFX game (screamer rally) it displays an error. (I'll post the error when I get home from work).

I know my card is not broken, because another Voodoo1 displayed the same green blobs a few years ago.
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