Voodoo 1 detected as an audio card?

Started by SaintK, 26 April 2004, 22:05:10

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hey all,
i got an old voodoo1 card here what i simply use for an extra monitor.
Now my problem, when i put the card in, it does detect a video card, but when i install it, it go's under "sound and audio"...

Any 1 have a clue what happends here?



I'm not too sure about Voodoo 1s but my Voodoo 2 showed up in the "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers" menu...
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well as you see my'n too, but i cannot enable my second monitor on it :S


the voodoo 1 and 2 are ADD-ONS VIDEO CARDS! THEY ARE NOT NORMAL ONES! YOU CANT HAVE A DESKTOP OR ANYTHING 2D WITH THEM!They are made to be plugged with your standard video card. those cards are video controller that's why they appear in audio, VIDEO and game controllers, which meens that they are used only to render in Glide/OGL in XP and Glide/OGL/D3D on 9x.


Well **** me lol, i completely forgot that hahahaha[:I]
nice stupid of me lol! :D

Thanks for the info ^^ [:p]


Well, there is a driver, which install Voodoo 2 (but not V1) as a display adapter - VoodooMage - it is available in some Hungarian site. The link and discussion is available here - in this forum. Just look for it.


Ressurecting an old topic is not really a or the problem here, what is more "annoying" is that the answer is a little irrelevant.
Though, it will be no serious consequence for now. ;)

@ SEG_Striker
Never this driver will work with a Voodoo 1, no possible. ;)

In-ter-ac-tive :
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