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Started by BaldiGit, 11 May 2021, 20:28:14

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Can anyone advise me please...

I have a number of Voodoo cards. My history started with The Voodoo 3 2000, both PCI and AGP (I still have the AGP in a retro W98 system).
Over the years I've saved from unwanted PC's a Banshee, a Maxi Gamer Phoenix voodoo 1 and a Creative Blaster Voodoo 2 (CT6670).

The Banshee I can handle, although haven't found the right driver for it yet. But the Voodoo 1 and 2 are proving troublesome.

I've found some old parts and have a QDI socket 7 motherboard with a Duron 1300 in. 256Mb of DDR ram, an ATI Riva TNT2 video card and a fresh install of Windows 98SE. I have found a driver for the Voodoo 2 that the PC is happy with, But I cant stop the PC using the TNT2 when running Quake. The card works through the pass through, but nothing else.

As for the Voodoo 1. Windows only see's it when I start swapping PCI slots....!!!!

I wish I had an old 2D 2mb card... I used to pick them up from the fairs for £4 (pre 2000). But eBay are after £20+ for one now and for all I know these cards might be Kaput.

Or could it be the Processor? I have a couple of K6 systems I could try them on. A K6-2-500 and a K6-3-400. Do you think that would help?



Hi BaldiGit,

nice to meet you :). You're always welcome.

On your Voodoo2, you can use one of the 3dfx reference drivers for Windows 98SE. These have no compatibility issues with NVIDIA TNT2 in general.

On your Voodoo1 and hardware setups, (imho) only solution is to understand if your CPU, motherboard, RAM modules, and/or 3dfx card is/are defective.

Have fun with 3dfx Voodoo cards and good luck.

Bye bye


Thanks for the warm welcome and the pointers. I'll have a look at the drivers. I noticed after I'd posted there was quite a whole section on drivers.:D


I'm guessing this isn't a healthy look for a Voodoo 1.....[:

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