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Infineon Delivers GDDR3 Memory for Mobility Radeon X1600

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12.12.2005 - Infineon Delivers GDDR3 Memory for Mobility Radeon X1600

12 Dec 2005

Munich, Germany - December 12, 2005 - Infineon Technologies AG (FSE/NYSE: IFX), a leading supplier of memory products, today announced that its 512Mbit GDDR3 (Graphic Double-Data-Rate 3) graphics DRAM were selected by ATI Technologies for use with its Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics processor targeting notebook PCs. The Mobility Radeon X1600 is ATI´s innovative new mobile graphics processor designed to deliver stunning visuals and lightening-fast graphics for the performance thin notebook segment, answering the trend for increased mobility and life-like visuals in a high-performance design.


“The GDDR3 memory will enable the Mobility Radeon X1600 to deliver lightning-fastvisual performance with superior power management capabilities,” said Phil Eisler, Vice President and General Manager of ATI’s Mobile Business Unit. “By working closely with industry-leading companies like Infineon, we are able to bring a new era of performance-per-watt efficiency with our mobile graphics products to our customers.”


The Infineon 512Mbit GDDR3 graphics DRAM for high-performance mobile and desktop 3D graphics applications supports clock frequencies of up to 800 MHz and uses a 32-bit interface. It is capable of handling data bandwidths of up to 1.6 Gbps per pin. In addition Infineon's power saving trench technology offers significantly less power consumption than other DRAMs at a given performance and improves battery lifetime which is important in all mobile graphics applications.


“The developers of 3D games can take full advantage of the capabilities of new high-performance graphics systems that use our GDDR3 memory technology. And notebook users will profit from our power-saving trench technology, which will give them longer battery life while they play their favorite 3D games,” said Robert Feurle, Vice President and General Manager of Infineon’s Graphics Business Unit.


Infineon addresses the growth segment graphics with a balanced portfolio of leading edge, low power graphics DRAM supporting the full range of 3D and gaming applications in high-end to mainstream computing systems and notebook PCs.


Infineon´s 512Mbit and 256Mbit GDDR3 DRAM is organized as 16Mx32 and 8Mx32. These configurations allow for the design of notebook graphics with an ideal balance of frame buffer and bus width. Packaged in an industry-leading small FBGA (Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array) package of only 11 mm x 14 mm, these components are ideally suited for such space-restricted applications as notebook computers. The 136-ball FBGA package ball-out has lower electrical parasitic values (inductance, capacitance and resistance) to allow operation at higher speeds, and to ensure better signal integrity.


The GDDR3 is manufactured at Infineon’s manufacturing sites in Dresden, Germany, and Richmond, USA, and available in volume quantities.

News Source: Infineon Press Release

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