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XGI Announced New Volari 8300 GPU for Desktop and Mobile

12.11.2005 - XGI Announced New Volari 8300 GPU for Desktop and Mobile

Beijing - Nov 9, 2005 - XGI Technology Inc., the world's third largest graphics chipset design company, today launched a new member of its graphics family, the Volari 8300, with a press event held in Beijing, inviting over 100 IT journalists to the affair. The new PCI-Express based Volari 8300 graphics chipset is designed with XGI's flagship video processing technology, TrueVideo Engine, to satisfy the increasing demand of video processing power for home PCs.

“The Volari 8300 has raised the bar for what we called an entry level graphics solution” said Ralph Cheng, the Vice President of Marketing of XGI. “With the higher demand in video quality, the Volari 8300 supports various video enhancing features that can only be found in high-end competitor products. Moreover, Volari 8300 provides sufficient support for 3D gaming, making this undoubtedly the most economical investment for everyday user.” Volari 8300 is designed with 0.13 um processing that supports DirectX 9.0, and shader model 2.0 with 64 bit DRAM memory interface. XGI introduced a new concept with Volari 8300, the eXtreme Cache, an advanced technology that dynamically allocates system memory to support graphics processing. With the additional bandwidth of PCI Express, eXtreme Cache is able to reach higher levels of graphics performance and effectively support up to 256MB of memory for graphics processing. This flexible design ultimately enhances the cinematic graphic experience from XGI graphic hardware and is a more cost-effective solution for the intensive graphics support required from time-to-time. As high definition contents are on the rise, the Volari 8300 has taken a step further with their built-in true hardware video enhancement technology, the TrueVideo Engine, to satisfy the tough requirements from MCE. This comprehensive video enhancement features the support for HDTV content up to 1280x720p; inverse 3:2 Pull-down to convert movies back to its original form and De-Interlacing, to remove the jaggy lines in motion graphics. Furthermore, the CoolPower II low power consumption design allows Volari 8300 to be built into a fan-less graphics solution, making it the ideal solution for digital home entertainment.XGI continues to co-operate with industry leading content providers for better support on Games and Software Applications. This year, XGI has worked closely with US game vendor and top online game vendors in Asia, all in the efforts to ensure top game play quality and stability on Volari 8300. Nonetheless, it has also qualified for the requirement of Microsoft® MCE, making XGI Volari 8300 the Number 1 graphics solution for Entertainment on the PC.

News Source: XGI Press Release

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