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XGI Announced New Version Reactor Driver R1.09.60

06.10.2005 - XGI Announced New Version Reactor Driver R1.09.60

Taipei—Oct 5, 2005—XGI Technology Inc., a leading graphics chipset design company, today announced its release of the latest Reactor Driver R1.09.60 for the Volari series graphics chipsets with improved performance for both game compatibility and video quality. The new driver is available for public download from the XGI website:

The Reactor Driver R1.09.60 has many new features that enhance the video playback qualities, and output color displays. In addition, a new customizable feature for CRT resolution adjustments, designed to enable users to input their desired resolution mode, to provide a better viewing experience. This R1.09.60 driver also improves the compatibility and stability for XGI Volari GPUs including the Volari V8/V8 Ultra, Volari V5, and Volari V3XT chipsets.

Always aiming to provide Voalri users with the best game play experience, the Reactor R1.09.60 driver has added support for the latest game titles as well as supporting a long list of well-known games. To better support game users, XGI has provided a list of games that are supported by Volari product series, it can be found at the XGI Game Area [], list includes, modern warfare sequel The Battlefield 2; the fast-breaking basketball action of NBA Live series; and of course the wars of the galaxies from Star Wars series are all present on the list.

In order to deliver the most pleasurable gaming experience, XGI has been working closely with game developers/makers to ensure the compatibility of Volari products and support the most popular new games. In addition, XGI Technology continues to test new game versions regularly to provide users with best gaming performance and output.

News Source: XGI Press Release

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