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Win32 driver for 3dfx Voodoo 3,4,5

Get the latest Windows driver from one of the following sites.
My favorite 3rd party drivers are the x3dfx, amigamerlin, and 3dhq driver packs.

extra files:
3dfx GLIDE™ driver with sourcecode.

Tips on installing
If you have problems installing follow these steps.

1. Install the latest Windows Service Pack and DirectX redistributables.
___latest files as of Nov. 9, 2002
___Windows 2000 Servie Pack 3
___Windows XP service pack 1
___DirectX 8.1b redistributable (28MBytes)

2. Uninstall previously installed voodoo3,4,5 drivers from the device manager. Windows XP users should tick View - show hidden devices before doing so.

3. Search for files that have the phrase, 3dfxvs in the file in windows/inf and delete them. Only delete files starting with 3dfxvs or oem.

4. Windows XP users should search for old drivers in windows/system/dllcache and delete files 3dfxvs.dll, 3dfxvsm.sys, 3dfxogl.dll, glide2x.dll, glide3x.dll if any exist. To see this folder you must tick show hidden files and folders and untick hide protected operating system files from the file explorer's Tools - Folder Options - View.

5. Install the Voodoo3,4,5 driver manually from the display properties Settings - Advanced - Adapter - Properties. You may also install them when you get prompted for drivers.

Note: You probably should not be installing this driver if you do not know what you are doing.


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