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 (Performance) is Sound Blaster Live! worth buying?
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Posted - 19/02/2011 :  19:30:37  Show Profile  Visit My_Spleen's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hi. I'm in the process of getting parts to build a 3dfx computer and wondering if a SB Live! is worth buying.

I'm not an audiophile at all. Can't tell the sound difference between a 7.1 top of the line surround system with an Audio-CD and a live concert VHS recording.

But will there be a noticeable performance boost by adding a Live! card to the system (due to the card having its own processor, thus freeing some CPU cycles for other tasks) vs onboard?

If it matters the system is:

P3 1GHz
3dfx 5500

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Posted - 20/02/2011 :  03:34:00  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
to me it is deff worth it

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Posted - 11/04/2011 :  00:02:52  Show Profile  Visit Geri's Homepage  Send Geri an ICQ Message  Click to see Geri's MSN Messenger address  Send Geri a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Well i got a sblive wich i have buyd lot of years ago. I still using it. Its crap. I hear the bass bit quantation in the earphones with it. But much better than most of the integrated stuffs, where there is not even BASS exist. But if you able to buy some cards with later version Crystal chipset, then buy that. Sounds LOT better.
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Posted - 25/04/2011 :  04:46:14  Show Profile  Visit SavantStrike's Homepage  Reply with Quote
What OS are you planning on running? And, are you going to be running DOS titles as well?

If you're going to be running DOS titles, The SB live and the Audigy 1 can both do DOS emulation. I hear the Audigy 2 can be hacked for it, but I had no such luck.

If you're running Win98, the best card you can buy is an Audigy 2 ZS platinum (there are 98 drivers for it, although when I tried them I had serious issues). Audigy 2 value only has drivers for XP and above. Audigy 1 and lower all have Win98 drivers.

It's not a huge investment to get a SB Live value. There are still mountains of them in OEM anti static bags available for around 10 bucks shipped. Totally worth the step up from on board IMO.

I forgot to add, if you are looking for DOS support, I don't recommend you go totally retro and buy an Awe64. No EAX, it's more CPU intensive than the later stuff, and you're already cpu limited running the V5 5500 with a 1Ghz PIII (though not terribly limited). An Awe64 IS easier to set up with DOS emulation, but I remember years ago now I had a SB live with DOS emu set up just fine and it actually sounded better with analog output than the Awe64 did hooked up via PCM over SPDIF. The only reason to go with the A64 is if you want it for retro chic, or for the sound banks (which I admit I didn't try, perhaps that would make it sound better or equal to the SB Live). If you go for an A64 Gold, also be prepared to shell out the same amount of cash you would for an Audigy 2 ZS (or even a little more). All that said, if you want an A64 for some reason, then go for it. I have an A64 Gold, but that box is for old stuff only (everything else gets run in a wrapper).

Edited by - SavantStrike on 25/04/2011 05:00:19
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Posted - 30/04/2011 :  11:55:43  Show Profile  Visit TheJohnKerrys's Homepage  Reply with Quote
The early sound blaster 16's sound ok for an old school box..but if ya want all you can get with soundblaster 16 emulation for older games get an audigy 1 or my suggestion sound blaster live!5.1 and that will give ya about the best sound ya gonna get and be able to get drivers without going to some crappy drivers site.And my last suggestion is a Turtle Beach Montego II (Aureal Vortex 2!!!<-Ulitmate oldshool A3D option In my opinion
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Posted - 30/04/2011 :  11:59:23  Show Profile  Visit TheJohnKerrys's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hey sleen if ya get a sb live 5.1 and want the orignal driver cd i have one and can copy it for ya man.Just let me know..and get some pic for us here.
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