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 Driver "development" with modern aspect ratios

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Dolenc Posted - 23/05/2022 : 18:57:53
Made my own topic, so I can spam a little more. This forum (besides late falconfly forums) had the most "dev" talk, so thats why the topic is here.

How this started, my card has hdmi, plugged it in, straight to 1920x1080! And it didnt work, image smudged. Ok tried vga, works there. Hm.... Maker of my card, Anthony, suggested, its just the wrong timing probably, so I found some online. And there we go. Sharp image that can cut you.

So.... Thats how timings work on the voodoo... Wonder if I can add other resolutions? Found some online, yes they do work!
Ok but what about my lovely 21:9, can a 20y+ old tech drive that? Prob not, but worth a shot.
So I looke at some vesa specs documentation and some strange tv-spec sheets and after quite a while of tinkering got all the resolutions I wanted(for now!) and they do work.
And you can get them here:

Desktop and d3d games worked!

But OpenGl games, and glide, but you know, atleast OpenGl games should, but didnt work. The image got letterboxed.

So I kinda suspected its a glide thing and since no one is working on adding features to the drivers anymore, guess I can give it a shot.

I will get into more details some next time, when my experiment - driver is complete, the plan is also to show how you can setup an environment and compile things and how (not saying its good) approach things when Im trying to figure out how stuff work.

Anyway Im not really a low-level developer I mostly work IN.. the in part is important, not ON, game engines, so there will be an ocassional opsie and dont think everything I write is correct, but hey enthusiasm is there and since software side of things are kinda dead right now, it will have to do.

This will be a bit random, some occasional "whats currently going on" and when I have the time Ill do a more coherent informative post.
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
Dolenc Posted - 19/03/2023 : 00:14:34
Added glide to github, so all changes will be documented.
Same plan for other parts of the driver or anything 3dfx related I will do, slowly...

Glide Posted - 25/07/2022 : 22:31:30
Originally posted by ciacara

Hi Glide,
I tried the links but they don't work.
I did however find the drivers in the dedicated section:


but the download does not start.
Please can you check?

Thank you.

Hi ciacara,

I'm sorry for inconvenient and many thanks for your message. Now both links have been fixed.

On these screenshots, Heretic II, one of the best, once again :).

Bye bye
Dolenc Posted - 25/07/2022 : 13:06:26
Think you 2 deserve a couple of screenshots

Heretic II v1.07

ciacara Posted - 25/07/2022 : 00:42:15
Hi Glide,
I tried the links but they don't work.
I did however find the drivers in the dedicated section:


but the download does not start.
Please can you check?

Thank you.
Glide Posted - 23/07/2022 : 09:58:01
Hi Dolenc, all,

thank you a lot for yours effort and contribution.

Originally posted by Dolenc

3dfx Wide driver v1.0
(link expires in 15 days, @Glide please, put it somewhere and edit the post)

Now both 1.0 and 1.1 versions of Wide Driver are physically hosted by 3dfxzone and downloadable from these following URLs.

Enjoy your day
Dolenc Posted - 12/07/2022 : 23:13:27
Originally posted by Dolenc
- Fixed occasional lock-up on game start

I still got lockups occasionally on game start.
What it turned out to be the problem is Agp aperture size, I had it at 256mb, so set that to 32mb, v5 has no agp texturing anyway, no more problems for the last 2 weeks.

One game that doesnt work, that I tried, is Sin. It works with 6.3 mesaFx, You can use that mesafx version, just put in the game folder and if you want to use a different resolution, use glide override, it will force it(also patch the game ofc).

I have "future plans" to use newer mesa, but in 6.3+ they changed some things and glide part needs some rework, so somedayTM.

More rune in action
Dolenc Posted - 26/06/2022 : 14:50:35
Since someone asked, where are the glide sources.


Sourceforges latest development glide version, that Sezero pushes forward.
This one is nice, since you can peek at the history of commits.

Sourceforge, last release is 30303

To get development branch use CVS

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@glide.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/glide -z6 co -P -r glide-devel-branch Glide3
(note: use Glide3 with capital G -- that will get both glide3x and swlibs)

To get an older version, if you need it
CVS Get date
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@glide.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/glide -z6 co -D "2007-02-15" -P -r glide-devel-branch Glide3
Dolenc Posted - 25/06/2022 : 22:41:42
In thanks, you get some screenshots

So atleast I didnt break the screenshot function.
Game does run a bit too slow, causes lots of tearing.

And unreal-ated, but still some.
For ease of searching patches for games and troubleshooting, a good the best source is https://www.pcgamingwiki.com. You can find windescreen info, which graphics and sound api the game supports, inputs, troubleshooting. Really good place, where I always check first. You get used to their design and lots of info provided at first sight.

Some more patches I use:

Quake2 Unofficial v3.24 Patch, adds some more settings, resolutions and music, so cd doesnt have to be use.

Quake 3 palleted textures and hor+ patch

Half-life, for won version, adds music, additional resolutions (oh the warp screens!)

Fakk2 fov patch, resolution in autoexec.cfg same as any quake3 engine game

Unreal tournament (for free fps set detailed textures to false in game preferences for glide)

For more, you know where to look.
ciacara Posted - 25/06/2022 : 18:11:37
Added to temporary drawer :

Dolenc Posted - 25/06/2022 : 11:52:45
3dfx Wide driver v1.1
(link expires in 30 days)

Supports vsa-based cards, no v3, for win98.
Extract, read readme.txt - Extra notes, run setup.exe.

Version 1.1
- Fixed occasional lock-up on game start
- Added back sse2 texture downloads, that were removed from v1.0
- Fixed eventual crash from switching between windowed and fullscreen in glide
- Alt-tab wont crash openGl games anymore
Dolenc Posted - 24/06/2022 : 12:37:15
There are 2 problems currently with v1.0 (ofc theres more, but this 2 bother me)

- Sometimes it will lock-up on game start, kinda big problem ;). I fixed it once, clearly not. Could be related just to my system configuration, still...
- Switching between windowed and fullscreen will eventually cause a crash

It will have to wait a couple of weeks, have to do some other stuff first, but think I have an idea whats going on, fixes will go in v1.1.

If someone tests the driver and you have issues, write it here and add what gpu and cpu was used.

Well time management at its finest... For the first issue, good news I found where it happens. Bad news, where it happens, mesa.
Second issues fixed, need to be more careful porting newnew glide stuff. Also added back sse2 texture download stuff(partial) that I blamed for the first issue.

Think the first issue is resolved too. Had to build mesafx with the glide lib of the actual glide.dll that Im using. You learn something new everyday.

Ill wait till tomorrow, to test some more, if Im not prematurly celebrating, but I think this is it.

Also alt-tab issue crashing the game got resolved during the proces. It still wont minimize the game, but it also wont crash it anymore.

Looks stable as it should be now.
Some more testing and if confirmed, Ill upload the v1.1
Obi-Wan Kenobi Posted - 23/06/2022 : 20:55:18
Originally posted by Dolenc

Please restrain yourself from further ****posting.

Not everything will be to your liking, and thats just fine ;)

No swearing in this forum if I like something --> I'll say it
If I dislike something I will happily say it, it's called having an honest opinion, it's part of the Free Speech system here in the EU

Be mindful of your thoughts, think first before you say something bad to people you don't even know.
There is no need to cuss people out all because someone does not agree with your so called experimental projects

In the end, it's the choices you make that determine your outcome...
Just relax and enjoy what you do best.
Dolenc Posted - 23/06/2022 : 11:32:10
Please restrain yourself from further ****posting.

Not everything will be to your liking, and thats just fine ;)
Obi-Wan Kenobi Posted - 23/06/2022 : 03:20:27
Originally posted by Dolenc

Theres no correct aspect ratio. Cards/drivers are not made for it.

The Math behind (most) 3D games - Perspective Projection

That then concludes you are totally wasting your time, like you self said the cards never supported these models per hardware definition, the result is a deform image also these games were never made to support 16:9 left alone 21:9, you're just making the games look terribly and deformed and stretched out, I don't see the point of this entire thing.

it's as if you are trying to watch a 4:3 aspect ratio movie on a 16:9 screen it looks warped and stretched out aka deformed, this doesn't improve the game experience bar nothing it just messes up the field of view.

Or if using a bad sound card like a Vortex 2 with an Advanced amplified yet the sound quality is still poor of quality, as it will sound like loud tin cans.

In the end people have really tried to improve such things with many methods but like this one I don't see it as a success.

Just stick to 4:3 gents, if you want your games to look awesome how they were in their actual times.
Dolenc Posted - 22/06/2022 : 21:09:37
Its made to run 5min, enough for a benchmark run or one good screenshot! I can guarantee that! For more you can send your complaints to support@nvidia.com :P


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