Feedback FastVoodoo2 4.5 beta 2 MM - 9x/ME OSes

Started by Glide, 23 March 2004, 13:04:35

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Hi guys,

please insert here your performance, compatibility and issues report about FV2 4.5 b2 MM.

More info with regard to this driver are at this link:

Thanks in advance.



Till now I have no probs with the drivers, even fixed some bugs with some games. But I don't know if that was because of the other drivers.
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thank you, Perer, you have made an happy man out of me...!!! [8D]

hey Glide,can now release my driver? for me a positive report (considering also the mine) is more than sufficent..!:)

Thank you again for the testing..!!!:);)
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