Some really nice misc 3dfx items for sale!

Started by TM30, 07 June 2008, 17:46:23

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I am Brendan, TM30 is 107489129...

Brendan (9:51 AM):so whats up with the lunchbox?
107489129 (10:01 AM):he messed up. he wanted to cancel his bids...
107489129 (10:02 AM):now we are at 60 euros.  please dont bid on it again. it would be very confusing.
107489129 (10:09 AM): or what do you think?
Brendan (10:51 AM): should i bid now or wait until the end?
Brendan (10:52 AM): because I would pay more than 60 Eur for it
107489129 (11:02 AM): excuse me, but this is sick. bid, withdraw, bid... really not good.
107489129 (11:03 AM): your fault was to withdraw your bid and now you should not bid again on it. thats really unfair to exxe
Brendan (11:05 AM): its unfair to change his mind. my 90 stands.
actually, my 80 should be the highest.
107489129 (11:06 AM): exxe would have paid 100 euros. but YOU DON'T. so do not bid on it again.
Brendan (11:06 AM): I would have payed 90. thats what I bid.
107489129(11:06 AM): thats did withdraw your bid and now you bid again.?!?!?!?
Brendan (11:06 AM): after he bid higher...
Brendan (11:07 AM): the current bid should be 91.
because I WAS/AM willing to pay 90 for it it really is simple
107489129 (11:08 AM): no. bad luck for you. just THINK beforce you bid. and not start a bid war and then withdraw
Brendan (11:08 AM):
"107489129 (10:01 AM):
he messed up. he wanted to cancel his bids...."
i did not mess up. he did.
107489129 (11:08 AM): you too because you was first in canceling
Brendan (11:09 AM): that does not make sense.
107489129 (11:09 AM): your bidding also doesnt...
Brendan (11:09 AM): We both bid it up to 91. thats normal. but then when I say I wont go any higher... it drops to 60?
107489129 (11:10 AM): that is not your problem. its mine.
Brendan (11:10 AM): so why can't my bid of 90 be legit?
107489129 (11:13 AM): its simply absurd.
Brendan (11:13 AM): why? too much?
107489129 (11:13 AM): you had your chance and now its gone.
107489129(11:14 AM): next time better think first before withdrawing.
Brendan (11:14 AM): there is a difference from withdrawing, and stopping bidding for the time being
Brendan (11:15 AM): I clearly said in my message "getting too rich for my blood... hehe  im out on the lunchbox "  that means that I didnt bid higher, not that my bids are canceled.
Brendan (11:16 AM): "im out" means I am leaving.  It does not means my bids left with me.
107489129 (11:16 AM): okay so exxe has to pay 91 euro and all is fine.
and you are outbid.
Brendan (11:16 AM): I have a week to change my mind. I even told you that I might think about it more...
107489129 (11:18 AM): no. not after all that.

Seeing the above... my bid on the 3dfx hat is now also retracted.  I do not want to do business with someone of this nature.