Call of Duty 4 serial key

Started by gaminglol001, 29 December 2007, 03:14:30

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My friend has lately downloaded Call of Duty 4, which is an exellent game,

except the problem is multiplayer needs a serial key.
We have both looked everywhere with no success, so i am wandering if anyone

can give me a hint as to where else I could look as im certain someone knows.

-please give feedback-
i have some pc game keys£º
B f 2142 Usd 26
CS source Usd 15
Doom 3  Usd 10
War 3 Roc  Usd 12
doom 3 usd 10
sc usd 11
orange box usd 42
C&C3:Tiberium Wars USD 28
Call of duty 4  USD  45  


see your signature and your thread body,i m a bit puzzled.what do u want to say?
but i will give u an answer.u can only use one key to active one account,that is it.

as for your signature,i have checked .great site,with member over 3500 ,it is great.
any way i will put up this site,one day it can be usefull for me.
angus ma


this is spam/warez,mods please remove&ban both users (apparently spammers linking malicious trash)..

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