Press release: XGI releases latest Reactor driver

Started by Glide, 30 December 2003, 11:54:17

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New press release received from XGI. Here it is:


XGI™ releases latest Reactor™ driver for Volari™ family

Taipei, December 30th , 2003 --- XGI™ Technology Inc, an innovative graphics chipsets supplier, today releases latest Reactor™ driver V.1.01.51 to provide unprecedented performance and image quality on both Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and OpenGL® applications. Reactor™ driver provided by talented XGI™ software engineers delivers unmatched compatibility, stability, and reliability across all XGI™ Volari™ GPUs.
"XGI™ Reactor™ driver suite is based on best stability, optimized performance, ease of use, unprecedented image quality, and multiple functions by frequent updates." said Mr. Jonathan Shyi, Vice President of Product and Technology Development at XGI™ Technology Inc. "XGI™ will be always looking to add new features into Reactor™ driver suite and to optimize image quality with latest-released games. Currently, software development team is aiming to release one Reactor™ driver suite every month as our target. XGI™ is going to ensure delivering best image quality and being most compatible with all PC games.
Mr. Chris Lin, CEO of XGI™ Technology Inc. also says "XGI™ exerts its strength to ensure that Volari™ GPUs have the best hardware design and software support. By frequently releasing XGI™ Reactor™ driver, XGI™ will guarantee to deliver not only cinematic computing experience, but also ultimate product quality of Volari™ family to all customers."
To download the latest drivers go to:

About XGI Technology

XGI™ Technology Inc., originated from eXtreme Graphics Innovation, was founded in June 2003 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. XGI is a leading visual computing and GPU design company aiming to deliver a powerful and feature-packed GPU performance to enrich the users' experience. XGI has positioned itself as a Fabless IC design company. It offers a full range of video solution for Professional, Entertainment and now Mobile usage. XGI's business model is to provide complete video solutions, from GPU to video bridge and video processors, to customers worldwide and ultimately integrate XGI solutions to be part of the everyday lifestyle.

For more detailed information, please visit XGI website:


We add that old and latest XGI driver releases are on line on Hardware Setup too, starting from this page.