2 voodoo 2 + GF4MX SLI?

Started by Knuckles, 19 December 2003, 03:22:55

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I'm thinking about adding one or 2 V2 to my system but I have a question.

I know that, with 2 voodoo 2, you can get double performance in Glide, and with one Voodoo2 + another video card, it uses the D3D and OGL of the 1st one and the gilde of the voodoo 2. but my question is, can I put, in my PC, 2 voodoo 2, add the SLI cable between them, then, connect my GF4MX in the 1st voodoo 2 and plug my monitor in the plast V2 to get 2X voodoo2 glide (double performance) and use the D3D/OGL of my GF4MX?????

a littl bit hard to understand,

here's a little example (D3D & OLG of GF4, double Glide of both V2s and be able to use the tv-out):

and if this "way" isn't possible, should I use the internal SLI cable?

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Hi Knuckles,

Voodoo2 cards run Direct3D, GLide and OpenGL (i.e. in WIndows 9X environments) independently from primary card.

When a game is Voodoo2 compatible it detects both primary card and Voodoo2 (or Voodoo2 SLI) and you can choice which device using by video setting menu.

Voodoo2 has not TV-OUT...

Quoteand if this "way" isn't possible, should I use the internal SLI cable?

Search between old topics of Voodoo2 Area where a bit of time ago i inserted (in a reply) useful images for SLI connection.

However, you must connect VGA cable only between primary card and nearest Voodoo. Use this as input for monitor and merge the Voodoos only with internal SLI cable


well, I didn't found that...

btw, so, it meens I can use the 2 V2 in SLI for Glide even if I already have another card? cool.

and by keeping my GF4MX primary, when I'll run a D3D or OGL app, it will select it (if the game uses alway the first one) and send the screen thru the external SLI card to the 1st V2 then output it on the 2nd? (like a bridge?)

and when it will be for glide, it will detect it from the voodoo2 and sent it out of the last V2???

I'm confused.... but I think it will work...

just have to know the way to install them (+ drivers) (instrustions) and the best drivers for XP !

it is like the attachment?

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ok, found what you were talking about. I just want to know the RIGHT way to connect all the cards together. I'm waiting for that to buy them!


see the image for the right way how should you hook up all your cards[8D].

Image Insert:

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ok thanks! that what I wa swaiting for!

btw, will it works correctly in XP and what drivers should I use?


try fastvoodoo 4.0XP gold editon,those drivers SHOULD work fine,but no one can be absolutely sure...try it and see for yourself[8D]..


Like ps47 says, you must connect the passthrough and the monitor cable to the same Voodoo2.  The second Voodoo2 only has the internal SLI cable connecting it to the first Voodoo2.

But it is important to remember that one Voodoo2 is the "master" over the second.  The only way to detect the master is this -  If you get a blank screen on starting games when you first install the drivers try swapping the passthrough and monitor cable over to the other Voodoo2!


I just got my Diamond monster 3D II 12MB :D and I installed it. damn, it rocks!!!! I can use it only for Glide like I wanted :D but the prob is that it uses the Voodoo2 OpenGL and not the one of my GF4MX :\... okay, I don't use OGL a lot.... but still, I have some apps/game that runs better on my GF4 OGL (with 4xAA). Any help? everything is fine except this.....

EDIT: THANKS A LOT TO RAZIEL64 :D I reinstalled the Forceware drivers and now, it uses the OGL of my GF4 :D

I'm 90% happy now, I only need a second V2 for the SLI [:P]

EDIT 2 : mhhh. problem in the V2 info.... I don't have SLI right now but I hope it will work, but anyway, take a look at the shot:

Image Insert:

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That screen looks like that because the drivers were developed and distributed with an earlier version of RICHED20.DLL.  The later versions of RICHED20.DLL that come with Windows 98 and XP work slightly differently and so cause the text in that window to become distorted.

It's a small cosmetic issue and nothing to worry about.  It doesn't affect how the driver works or anything.


well, why does it shows "0MB" or "0" everywhere?


because it is wrong! It is not properly detecting the SLI for that use only, your SLI is still used...I believe that this is a known (and accepted) issue.
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I meen, I still don't have both cards (so no SLI right now) but why it doesn't show the ammount of RAM and so?


Well, I guess it's just messed up ;) Does it work for games? That's the important thing
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Windows XP Pro|Athlon XP 1800+|Voodoo 5 5500 AGP|MSI K7T266-A|768MB DDR 2700 RAM|SonicEdge 5.1 Sound Card