I want to know all the products of QUANTUM3D&3DFX

Started by osckhar, 17 December 2003, 00:26:52

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Hi again, :D

I would like to know all the models, what QUANTUM3D has made  under 3DFX. That is to say,  all the products where QUANTUM utilized  '3dfx chips' (voodoo1 sli, voodoo2 sli ...)
I would like to know since the low range until the high range.
If is possible please, you insert here a Image of the model too! ;)



well, unlike 3dfx, Quantum3D is still alive and kicking! here is a list of their current products, although I believe few of them use 3dfx chipsets, aside from the AAlchemy. here is more on older products using the 3dfx voodoo 2 and banshee chipsets, namely the Raven and Obsidian S-12 and X-24 cards. But don't be fooled! The newer Obsidians use nvidia ([xx(]) chipsets! But the AAlchemy is still pure 3dfx power.
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