Driver Corruption

Started by Tony, 01 April 2007, 00:12:28

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I recently had a driver corruption when I was installing the Amigamerlin 3.1 R11 drivers. I use the device manager to do the update and then all of a sudden I get the BSOD. I reboot and windows is having a problem with the drivers now (I'm assuming because it was a half installation). Well I go through the process again same results.

Finally I try and just rollback the drivers and each time I rollback the drivers, try and update with a new version of the drivers or even try and install the original drivers I had (Amigamerlin 2.5 Voodoo 5500) I get the BSOD in the middle of the updating.

Is there a way I could correct this? I manage to have the Amigamerlin 2.5 drivers backed up and I replaced the existing drivers that I had on disc with the drivers that were on the computer and manage to get everything back steady. But I still get the BSOD anytime I try and update the drivers. Is there a way to delete ALL information on all the Voodoo drivers I've tried to install? Thanks for the feedback.